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Press On!

(An open letter to the employee who inspired me today.)

Dear XYZ (name changed to maintain confidentiality),

I logged in today to find you being publicly denounced by many for an idea that you had pitched and put into action. 286 more words

Business Partner

Embodying a scenario

Described by very general means, Critical design is different from most other design approaches in the sense that the designer creates an artefact to ask a question, rather than the opposite. 135 more words

Idea Generation

Why Brainstorming Makes Us Dumber

Let’s start by brainstorming.” “First we are going to brainstorm to get all the ideas out on the table.” “In brainstorming, there are no bad ideas–we are just going to get the ideas out there without comment, discussion or judgement. 741 more words


Developing the scenario

The main goal with this project is to propose a question about the concept of work to our audience. The main design problem when embodying this question is to create great emotional impact without loosing a clear and strong link to reality as we know it. 170 more words

Idea Generation

Choosing the scenario

Our work had until today resulted in two different scenarios that we wanted to develop further. One, an idea of some sort of brain scanner that would reveal all the possible information about you that could be of interest for a future employer. 52 more words

Idea Generation

Designing a scenario

Today, we started to elaborate with the research material for possible future scenarios. Below you will find the mix of facts and conclusions that we used for creating the future scenarios. 371 more words

Idea Generation

Day of departure

Today, we first started to brainstorm around the topic of work. What does work as concept mean today and what might it mean in the future?  98 more words

Idea Generation