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Zine project ideas...

Our project for this term is to design and create an A5, 12 page Zine that communicates a theme or message of our choice. Our theme or message can be a subject that we feel strongly about or are already knowledgeable in. 196 more words

Idea Generation

Meeting with our Mentor

On October 9th, we met with our mentor, Lyndon Thomas. He is a professional from outside the university who will guide us throughout our project. Each group was given a different mentor from different companies. 524 more words


Week Two: The process of establishing a new idea and why it's important to make mistakes?

Describe the process of establishing a new idea and why it is important to make mistakes? Write 200 words, Harvard Referencing expected

For an idea to establish itself, the important thing for any individual, is to come up with the idea in the first place, this is commonly known as idea generation. 244 more words

Creative Media Practice

The future of questions

The late Douglas Adams had many great ideas. One of the best was the computer Deep Thought, built to answer The question of ‘life, the universe and everything’ that took 6 million years to come up with the answer 42. 2,314 more words


Turn Simple Ideas Into Profitable Businesses

If someone feels that it is really easy for a writer to write then believe me, you have no idea about this truly CHALLENGING profile. :) 928 more words


How Does Creativity Relate to "Your" Job?

When I speak with people at events and conferences about creativity, they tend to agree that creativity is a good thing. But for them personally, they don’t really see how it fits into their life. 425 more words



I am very pleased to say I am starting a new project, which embraces (as this is my new goal this year), plus size community. This project isn’t designed to alienate people of different sizes, as all sizes, big, small, thin, fat whatever are all equally as beautiful and captivating, and deserve to be treated as such, it is all a positive project. 80 more words