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Day 9: The Jellyfish of Questions

In yesterdays lab, we were presented with the task of creating the Jellyfish of Questions. It’s a practical exercise which helps you find and focus your project. 158 more words


Day 8: Digital Painting Practice

To refresh my digital painting skills, and get back into 2D art, I’ve decided to do quick sketches and paints of my interpretation of Shakespeares fairies: Mustardseed, Moth, Peaseblossom and Cobweb. 220 more words


Day 6: My Honours Project

I¬†will admit, for the last six months I have been getting ideas for what to physically make for my honours project, even if I wasn’t sure where my area of research was. 456 more words


Day 5: My Research Project

The idea that I have is looking to portray more character personality through their core animations depending on their environment. I have looked at several games including: Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time, Uncharted 3, The Last of Us and Journey, and, as far as I can see, none of them change the way the player moves or idles in relation to the atmosphere or tone of the environment. 260 more words


Networking and Planning

So today we had to figure out how we wanted to use these six themes that we had come up with previously. We determined that we wanted to get hold of some people who suffered of scleroses in order to present these themes for them through interviews and getting to know them based on these six different aspects. 279 more words

Semester Project

Day 1: Brainstorming

On my first day back at University, after a brief introduction to 4th year and the honours project. I was asked to mind-map what I thought my honours project and research aim would be. 339 more words


9 out of 10 Things You Write Are Crap

In college playwriting, we only ever talked about the structure of a play and how to construct it. We approached it from the artistic point of view. 651 more words