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想知道:“成功是什么样的?” I want to know: "What kind of thing is success?"


60年以前(不是说60年以前我已经在了),听他们说,他们上学的时候,不太有什么可想的。能毕业就好,能找到朋友玩就行,最后最难只是要找工作(也不是说找工作很简单)。今天,你可以试试,如果能见到一个小学生,问他/她:“对未来有什么想法?” 不少就会很自然地回答:“我现在上什么什么补习班,因为要这样这样,所以以后我会得到什么什么。“ 对我来说,这样的情况很有意思; 那么小的孩子已经有那么复杂的安排。

我想说的是: 现在,对成功,每个人都有不一样的看法。有的人说,成功就是能赚很多钱。也有的人说,谁有最大的力量,他就是最成功的人。有人说,钱不重要。哪一个是对的?别人说,能大学毕业现在很一般,没有什么特别的。能找到工作不一定是成功(虽然很多人说找工作很难)。有一天,有一个人对我说:“别听别人的话,你喜欢什么就做什么,喜欢谁就跟谁结婚,生活真的太短,听别人的话,是你的生活还是他们的?” 但是现在呢,除了他已经离婚了,他的生活也不是很幸福。那到底什么样才能得到成功?


不知道怎么办,我现在的想法就是: 因为没有人能说清楚要怎么做好;成绩好不一定能找到工作,能找到工作不一定能赚钱,能赚钱不一定幸福,所以我只好让自己力求创优。以后怎么样就以后看吧。


Now’s success is different from what they call success in the past. Before, to be able to get an university degree, to be able to find a job and get married is success. 359 more words


Candy bottle present || DIY

Everyone who knows me in person (or if you follow me on instagram), knows how much i love giving presents on birthdays in a fun and cute way. 403 more words

Thanks for nothing

You make me believe in a dream
That never come true
Cuz you are a great illusionist
And make a little glass of water looks like an ocean… 70 more words

Don't Forget to Define Details

Every sculptor sculpts a statue;

but what create the difference are the details that are being defined.

Again, look at any painting. That which adds beauty to it is its finer details. 61 more words


Concept Development I : Origin of the idea

After having tested my ideas with the organisations I decided to go for the one of the stickers. However, to avoid problems with the placement of the slickers, I decided to substitute them by a 3D object that the participants would carry with them. 61 more words

Master's Project

SIT vs. Bisociation: The Printing Press

I read Arthur Koestler’s The Act of Creation in a hospital in the summer of 2002. I had plenty of time, so I finished the 970 pages of the Hungarian edition in one week.  1,253 more words