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Ordinary Idea For Contemporary Residing Space Decor Pictures by Catalog Wishes

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Ordinary Idea For Contemporary Living Room Decor Photos – via… 39 more words

"People for Smarter Cities"

This is awesome. Ogilvy & IBM make simple changes to print advertising that encourage interaction with the ad and increase its utility. Well done.


Away on Vacation

Howdy folks. I’m going to be on vacation for a family reunion for the next two weeks. I will continue to work at it and post a few things as much as I can while I’m away though. 27 more words


H is for...

 ha-ha |ˈhɑːhɑː|noun

A ditch with a wall on its inner side below ground level, forming a boundary to a park or garden without interrupting the view. 24 more words


Replacing Coal Jobs

I am from Eastern Kentucky where people have been effected by coal jobs being shut down or being slowly put out of business. Now, there are some places that are still doing okay, but the idea I have is for how I believed it should have went/should go for those trying to shut down the coal businesses. 336 more words


Elegance Inspiration For Elegant Deluxe Best Green Bedroom Inspiration Idea by Decoration Themes

Elegance Inspiration For Elegant Deluxe Very best Green Bedroom Inspiration Concept – through
Right now let chew more than this remarkable green bedrooms, is this a contemporary bedroom suitable with your wish? 28 more words

10 Ideas For A First Date

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The consternation caused by first-dates with a new person is a timeless, age-old dilemma that never goes out of style. The decisions abound, from what to wear, what to say and where to go? 649 more words