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‎Monday, ‎March ‎17, ‎2014

Alcoholic Prostitutes

When I was reading up on JTR’s victims, I noticed that almost all of them had a drinking problem. I think this is pretty important and we should possibly make mention of this. 86 more words

Theatre Of Cruelty

Music - must listen!!

Found this song that is about JTR but it is also super scary and eerie and could be perfect to have in our performance

Theatre Of Cruelty

How To Make The Switch To Working Online

I know everyone wants the magic bullet or the secret elixir to making money online, and the truth is I don’t have it. The most I can do is tell you what I have done and the things not to do in order to make the switch. 1,178 more words


New culture

What could be better than a world where there are no lawyers or politicians, no big companies, where the State actually looks out for your well-being by providing you with everything you need? 111 more words

New World

Fresh Decor For Inspiring Real Bathroom Types Inspired By Photos With Exquisite Idea

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Fresh Decor For Inspiring Genuine Bathroom Types Inspired By Photos With Exquisite Idea – by means of
Each commodious and modest bathroom always have the boon and lack, when we can maximize the room, it shall compose the eye-catching bathroom. 12 more words

How Could I Patent My Invention Idea Online

Patenting your invention, idea or new process on the internet is not as hard as it might sound. Indeed, the arrival from the Internet has made the patent process substantially less irksome and also much more rapid. 401 more words