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“it is easy for the satiated man to fast” – Czech proverb

I’m back, after a long week at work and a long week before that with the flu.

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Ideal Weight for Children

Obesity is a health concern not only for children but also for adults. It leads to other health complications like heart disorders, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. 240 more words

Weight Management

Calculate Your Resting Metabolic Rate

We earn our summer bodies in winter, so true. Will you be basking in the sunshine after months of hard work in the gym, or out in the wind, rain, snow and ice? 1,070 more words

Food Energy - Calories

What You Need To Know To Lose Weight

There is a lot of conflicting advice about weight loss available, and many people have tried these methods. This article presents you with some great hints for taking care of business. 748 more words

Ris(que) Business

As I mentioned in my last post I decided to take more risks.┬áIt was almost a week after the new year and I hadn’t taken a serious risk in my life. 482 more words


Day 5 - Losing Might be a Reality

I typically stay off the scale. It’s not a good friend. In the past it would cause me to eat no matter what it read–I would eat in celebration of weight loss or eat to soothe the pain of weight gain. 158 more words

New Beginnings

“Tell it to the pig, and the pig will tell it to the boar and the boar will tell it to the forest” – Czech Proverb…

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