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Volunteering Can Sometimes Lead To A Paid Gig!

I believe that opportunities are EVERYWHERE! My last job before I started my own business, The Super Organizer, came about after I came on for a week to help a friend at a conference. 266 more words

The Super Organizer

Creating Characters - part 17

For this part of Creating Characters I’m probably getting a little close to home, and in the process I hope I won’t offend anyone.

I’ve been talking about personalities these last posts, and thought about giving out a little bit of perspective. 479 more words


Opher's World celebrates the demise of Gove!!

Mr Gove has gone!!

It is time to celebrate!!

Our children are a little bit safer today. The ideological war that has been rained down upon them is coming to an end. 91 more words



I’m an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.

Carl Sandburg


Call me idealist, but my idea of falling in love was created among Becquer’s rhymes, my saddest nights were cheered up by Neruda’s poems and candle lights, my conception of useful work was shaped by Mother Theresa, as well as that of loving and giving without exception. 218 more words


The Romanticist and Idealist

Somewhat of new label, I’ve recently been described as the above. Strangely enough I can associate with this finding due to recent events. However, I question the validity of these analogies? 373 more words


No bugs on my windscreen!

I’ve just got back from three weeks touring Scotland. It is midsummer. There were no bugs splattered on my windscreen.

I’m scared.

Where are all the bugs? 62 more words