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Writing and the big compromise!

I started writing when I was twenty one. I had this great urge to create. I loved writing. I was imaginative. The trouble was that I wasn’t very good at it. 518 more words


Boko Haram, ISIS, The Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other religious fanatics.

What gets the religious fundamentalists up in the morning?

The thought of killing non-believers?

The thought of forcibly converting other people?

The wish to impose their own restricted religious views on everyone else? 191 more words


The Purpose of life!!

As an antitheist I am often accused of being pointless.

Far from it. I am not at all depressed by the knowledge that my life is finite. 372 more words


The projects I am currently working on.

My days are filled with writing. I love every minute of it.

Project 1 – Nick Harper – The Wilderness Years

I am currently working with Nick on a book to come out with his Triple Album ‘Best of’ set. 302 more words


About some of my books.

I started writing forty four years ago. I have written fifty books and have a couple more I am working on.

1. Anthropocene Apocalypse.

I am a biologist. 412 more words


Impossible, Impossible, Impossible...

On January 8th I moved to Kenya, or at least began the process of moving to Kenya. Hopping from Newark to Detroit for a couple of hours, onto Paris for a couple of more, finally arriving in Nairobi 9 pm local time, about 24 hours after my first plane departed. 448 more words

11 Quotes for the Introverted Idealist

Introverted idealists are characterized by a complex, quiet personality and a desire to look beyond what is possible to create a better world. They are warm-hearted, sensitive, and understanding. 279 more words