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Cynical idealist

I think I found the best most relatable quote.

Not very familiar with George Carlin’s work but I think he must have been a genius.


IFNP---The Dreamer

I am an INFP living in an ESTJ-dominated world. I’m even happily married to an ESTJ. He’s one of the very few people in my life of another personality type who understands, even just a little bit, how incredibly difficult it is for me to be so different. 544 more words


A tree

I actually love to draw trees because trees means growth  and I never want to stop growing.  I like to draw my own kind of trees.  Yes I do look at trees outside but sometimes I don’t like what I am seeing so I create my own thing.  You know, how I see it in my head.  Because I am an idealist.  I dream of bigger things than a realist.  The world needs the idealists so they can raise the realist up from the dead.   Idealists are pretty dreamy people so don’t be rude to them, they are trying to make this world a better place and you just keep on messing it up.  Listen to them because they have some pretty awesome ideas.   Idealists also need the realists so they can bring them back to reality for a little while then they can go back to inside their heads.  They like the saying, “Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn’t want to live there”.  Means they live inside their beautiful heads and then they bring that beautiful out to the real world like… 47 more words


Volunteering Can Sometimes Lead To A Paid Gig!

I believe that opportunities are EVERYWHERE! My last job before I started my own business, The Super Organizer, came about after I came on for a week to help a friend at a conference. 266 more words

The Super Organizer

Creating Characters - part 17

For this part of Creating Characters I’m probably getting a little close to home, and in the process I hope I won’t offend anyone.

I’ve been talking about personalities these last posts, and thought about giving out a little bit of perspective. 479 more words


Opher's World celebrates the demise of Gove!!

Mr Gove has gone!!

It is time to celebrate!!

Our children are a little bit safer today. The ideological war that has been rained down upon them is coming to an end. 91 more words



I’m an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.

Carl Sandburg