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Ideas Series - What Is An Idea?



1. a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

2. the aim or purpose

I googled idea and this popped up.

370 more words
Writerly Insides

Internal Battles - Realist vs Idealist

I’ll open this up with this disclaimer/confession: I’m a hypocrite, and I know I’m a hypocrite. I can get self-indulgent at times, feel self-entitled, and deride others for the stupid things they do; but I do these (or similar) things too. 501 more words


Idealism Makes You Stronger Not Weaker

As an idealist, it’s not easy to keep your chin up in a sea of realists.

People tell you what is and isn’t possible.

They tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. 568 more words


Hey - Another Post for Idealist. This One's About Career After Volunteering Abroad

Hi all! I’m excited to share another post I wrote for the phenomenal career site Idealist.org. This one’s a reflection on how my thoughts on career have shifted since volunteering in Cambodia and traveling through Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. 26 more words



Sometimes I don’t do the things the way I should.

Today has been a day for that. I hate feeling like I’ve made mistakes, said or done things wrong (and, alternatively, KNOWING I said and did things wrong). 176 more words

Ideal Idealists

I admire na├»ve people. There, I said it. And while we’re at it – Idealistic people too. In some sense they are the same.

Chasm/The Return

“Where is he?!”

“I do not know”

They have been looking for Him for a while, but they do not know that all this time, this reporter was the person they were so desperately trying to find. 350 more words