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Think about it for a minute. Say it out loud, swish it around in your mouth a little. What does it mean to you? 521 more words


Mountain Climbing in Korea

There have been many missed blogging opportunities these last few months between friend visits, starting volunteer work with North Korean refugees, discovering new Korean places and foods and events, judging debate competitions, teaching our ESL classes, the ins and outs of learning Korean and generally still being in Korea (and all the (un)comfortably awkward cultural moments that entails). 739 more words


Politics and making the world a better place!

Have you noticed how politicians are the last people we should be trusting to put things right. Every time we come up to an election they tell us all the great things they are going to put right but when they are in power they never do. 156 more words


Self-Criticism on Mental Health Services

(A self-criticism, for those not aware, is much on how it sounds: a criticism done by the person speaking as part of a ideological “cleansing” of mistaken attitudes, assumptions, and modes of thoughts upon the introduction of new facts which, upon introspection, dramatically alter the previously held conviction. 818 more words


The superior man needs an income

The subtitle of this blog indicates the ambivalence of the virtue traditions towards utility. Whether Chinese or Western, philosophy has never sold itself as the means to everyday ends such as wealth, power, prestige, or any of the untold lusts and desires that drive human behaviour. 617 more words

The Melancholic Emperor

My friend Tom recommended the following videos in his comment on a recent post:

This is one of the best lectures I have seen, on one of the most intriguing characters in Western philosophy. 118 more words

De wereld is maakbaar, laisser faire ‘eene valsche leuze’ om ‘Jan met de Pet’ leeg te zuigen.

(door Jesse Frederik en aangevuld door de redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Jan-Peter Balkenende kondigde het een kleine twaalf jaar geleden al aan: de dood van de maakbaarheid gedachte. 784 more words