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Stuck in my head

In the literature on temperaments I’ve read that melancholics seem to be less coordinated, less ‘at home’ in their bodies, and more prone to illness and minor ailments. 494 more words

"Follow your blisters"

There’s an apocryphal account that Joseph Campbell, the scholar of comparative religion and mythology and originator of the ‘follow your bliss’ saying, was unhappy with the hedonistic misinterpretation of his theme, and exclaimed: 340 more words

On Being an Individual of.

“It’s always consciousness — of

I can see and hear him very distinctly now in my consciousness, even though he is gone.

My father… 1,568 more words


My INFP profile. An insight and review of sorts. Part 2~

Part 2. Let’s do this.

‘INFPs are highly intuitive about people. They rely heavily on their intuitions to guide them, and use their discoveries to constantly search for value in life. 687 more words


My INFP profile. An insight and review of sorts. Part 1~

By no means am I trying to sound narcissistic, but with these types of things, there is little room to avoid such a thing, so if I end up sounding a bit big-headed, forgive me, and have a look at your own type to feel what I felt! 529 more words


The idealist- a look into me, an INFP type of person~

Now I guess this is where my attentions really lie. As a psychology student, or ex-psychology student, I am very interested in how others perceive the world that we live in, and after thinking about what I could write, I thought ‘Hey, let’s give this personality malarkey a shot’, so, here I go. 363 more words


Debunking the Millennial Myths

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Throughout my life, I have heard many versions of a singular idea: if you use something, try if you can to leave it in the same or better condition than you found it.   1,340 more words

On Politics