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How The Internet Killed Profit

Editor’s note: Tom Goodwin is the founder of Tomorrow Group, a marketing and advertising consultancy for the post-digital age.

New eras in technology have always brought a fear of job losses and the devastation of legacy industries, but the Internet has taken us beyond “creative destruction.” It’s destroying the very foundations of business. 1,596 more words


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TechCrunch is power by Wordpress.com. Here's a great article on how the internet and technology has change business.

The COLORED Manifesto

For too long black people have been told that they don’t matter, for too long we have believed that we are less. Now, there are many voices with many ideas about what why that is and what is “wrong” with black people. 792 more words


Something new everyday: Post 9

Today I learned that (aside from sleep) laughter is definitely the best medicine. You feel so unbelievably exhilarated after a good long laugh that it’s funny. 262 more words

Ideas And Opinions

Something new everyday: Post 6

Yes, today is friendship day. And what’s new? Well, I made a few bands. Of course I have made bands before, but I haven’t tried this pattern. 127 more words

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