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iOS 8 - Strategy to sell new ipad's and iphone's.

This fall Apple inc released its new mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It eventually came under light after its release immediately due to severe criticism. 299 more words

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IT companies on Industrial Internet

To but it simply, Industrial Internet is the usage of data generated by all machines, infrastructure, human data, and natural elements. The analysis and linkage to all this data will power revolutionize the global industries. 84 more words

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Philippine Startups and high value outsourcing

Here’s some news and links on the Cebu Outsource Industry. As the summary of the news, more companies are doing high value IT services, such as Business process outsourcing, Software development, Medical Process and other high value services, aside from the voice process outsourcing, which Cebu and… 172 more words


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Industrial Internet demonstration and discussion by GE

GE ( General Electric ) is the pioneer of this Industrial Internet concept. Although monitoring of equipments is already been done in various fields of the industry, Industrial Internet takes Systems monitoring and funtionality to a different level. 99 more words

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2M and Ocean 3 alliance – A Review

After the Chinese ministry of commerce rejected the P3 alliance due to its combined market share of 47 % in Asia – Europe trade and have severe effects on competition between lines and price increase in the containers, the 2M alliances and the ocean 3 alliances were born. 339 more words


Best Programming languages to learn


Java language came to its height of popularity in the early 2000
There are various reason why Java is still the top programming language until 2014… 331 more words