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How to make IMO's policy making more effective?

The reason for ineffective policy making is due the asymmetric information and under reporting. More variables regarding accident have to be identified and be reported for each accident. 288 more words


Business model for tourism sector.

I just started to think what can enhance the tourist in terms of value by advancing the tourist experience. I found that there is no good mobile application which can create the ultimate tourism experience. 378 more words

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Does Euopean central bank's quantitative easing which is about to launch in late Jan will revive EU ?

After recent oil price plunging to the record level, It pushed the EU’s inflation rate to below zero. This made ECB to think about monetary stimulus (Quantitative easing) to bring back the EU’s sub zero inflation rate to positive ie., maintaining inflation below 2% for price stability.  418 more words

Ideas And Opinions

Solving asymmetric information in education and health care sector.

Different actors posses various information in education and health care sector which is not shared effectively. There is a need to push the information asymmetry in the direction towards perfect information. 437 more words

Ideas And Opinions