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New Samsung Galaxy S5 Ad Makes Fun of the iPhone 6 Noemi Twigg

Even before the iPhone 6 has been launched!

Do you smell that? The reek of desperation emanating from Samsung…

Yeah, okay, maybe I went a little overboard fangirling with those statements, but seriously! 178 more words


Brave New Normal


A lot of us pray. Even those of us who have no notion what “God” might be or if such a thing even exists can find ourselves reaching out to the Universe, asking for knowledge, guidance, reprieve from suffering, assistance with hardship, or forgiveness. 754 more words


Thinking Outside of the Box

Being upset and in a down mood, two good friends of mine took me for a drive to talk about things. What started out as a talk about our lives turned into a discussion revolving conspiracy theories and ideas of what life truly is. 172 more words


Removing Distraction, Finding Direction

I’ve always felt my life was a bit sporadic. I performed well at mostly everything but I’ve never mastered anything. I could never focus on one activity for more than two weeks before finding something else that piqued my interest. 1,073 more words


Why the US is spending $100 million to build an aquarium in Brazil

Soon enough, Brazil will be able to boast the largest aquarium in South America. When it is completed in 2015, Acquario Ceará, a new public aquarium planned for the northeastern Brazilian city of Fortaleza, will easily be the world’s most recognizable aquarium—an architectural statement piece if there ever was one. 705 more words

Every Day Life Game Idea

So the brief is to come up with a game idea based around everyday life, so I put together a short list of things people would usually do in their everyday life that could make a cool game: 237 more words