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A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind- Robert Oxton Bolton

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I don’t care much for traveling. When I have days off I prefer to go hiking someplace nearby. Take a weekend trip up north and see Crater Lake or Mount Lassen. 817 more words

Oct 12, Shabby Chic Bedrooms Ideas With Furniture And Accessory Suggestions

produce a private haven, shabby style
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Graceful and Feminine Shabby Chic Bedroom

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Bedrooms are a private expression of who you are and how you choose to unwind and unwind. 16 more words

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Cater to Mobile Consumers With These 5 Design Tips ZOG Digital

Consumers today are pulling out their phones more than ever to research the world around them, including finding the best place to eat. Restaurants that don’t have a mobile-optimized website will be at a disadvantage in both search results and the perception of today’s mobile-oriented consumers. 739 more words


Bright Ideas For A Cloudy Day

With an airy and geometric frame, this fixturelooks more like a sculpture than a light source.Photo: West Elm.

The weather might be dull, but inside it’;s sure luminous! 30 more words

Women Ideas


The sounds of rhythm and blues slowly poured out of the speakers. The sounds only influence those that were open with their hearts. The haze of conversations were muffled in the background, as a black tipped pen scribbled across the page. 523 more words


Picking a halloween costume… In years past I’ve always thrown my own halloween party but this year I’m breaking the tradition and going to a halloween social! 223 more words