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I found myself thinking for some months now, how more important is wisdom than money? Money devalues but wisdom never does. Wisdom gives you ideas because the money is in the idea, not the money in and of itself. 33 more words

Les Recomiendo Las Crónicas del Teatro

Me voy a ir super Indie con mi primera recomendación y les voy a mostrar: Las Crónicas del Teatro

Una serie de historias separadas que giran al rededor de un teatro único y surreal gobernado por una bruja igual de única y surreal. 159 more words


The Rise of Hands-On Journalism

Digital journalism has made possible some incredible storytelling in recent years. Visually stunning reports on issues as diverse as gun violence, environmental disasters, and surveillance have brought stories to life on the screen. 1,062 more words


The EU doesn't need an independent Scotland

Call it the Braveheart effect. Supposing that Europeans have paid close attention to the referendum that could put an end to the United Kingdom as we know it, they have done it with some sympathy for the cause of an independent Scotland. 1,217 more words

In General

Board Games = A Cartographer's Dream Come True

If you have been watching Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop, he has mentioned at one point that there are four pillars of classical European-style Board Games. 637 more words


It's time for our annual Fall Sale!!

You will be amazed how often you are going to use your new Mighty Max Cart. Oh sure, it’s a utility cart that is great for hauling yard debris or moving furniture but you will also find yourself using it to carry in groceries from the car to the house, move firewood, hauling tools from the garage to where you are working on a home improvement project, moving the holiday decoration boxes from the shed to the house (my favorite) and so much more! 21 more words


Happy 50th Birthday Card

I’ve just made this 50th birthday card
The happy birthday bunting came in a set of five for £2 from Hobby Craft

I simple cut card stock in ever smaller rectangles to matt the card. 36 more words