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We're back!

Apologies to all about the massive radio silence on this site. I’ve moved house, graduated, changed jobs and had any number of upheavals in the last few months. 91 more words


Go To My 20

Menginjak angka 20 dalam hidup, itu sangat krusial dan momentum menurut saya. Mengapa? Karena 20, bisa dibilang kita sudah bukan remaja apalagi anak kecil lagi. Itu normalnya menurut saya, dilihat dari cara kita melihat, berpikir dan juga menilai sesuatu sampai berakhir dengan keputusan yang kita buat. 181 more words


Wise And Solve Your Problem

Orang tua sering dibilang kenyang makan asam garam. Itulah mengapa mereka menjadi sangat bijak dan sangat berkontribusi dalam keputusan yang kita buat. Belum lagi saat kita sedang dalam masalah, orang tua… 380 more words



I want to kiss the Dawn, for all the love and damn luck she brings, and serenade to the Moon, for the serene solace he sings, beautifully alone, that is a feeling a son of Gemini can never own, 63 more words


Wavy Hair - NEW!

Tips and Tricks

I always wanted a fast way to get wavy hair. And I founded it :) Five minutes and a new look <3…

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I must admit that although I try to spend as little money as possible these days, whenever a Jack Tomalin product comes up for a reduced-price sale on Daz 3D, I  feel impelled to buy it. 65 more words

Important Information

Revisiting Oakeshott on Rationalism...

A symptom and a cause of the decline of British conservatism has been the absence of philosophical voices. That the publication of Michael Oakeshott’s notebooks… 1,270 more words