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Your Fan-Size is So Big (part 2)

How else can you persuade people to follow you on your journey? The most you should ever really be is yourself. It’s the easiest thing in the world and most satisfying when you actually have fans. 290 more words


Cordless Tool Station Woodworking Plan

This handy wall-hung holster stores your cordless drills, impact drivers, and nailers, while keeping accessories—especially those pesky battery chargers—contained and close at hand. (more)

Thank you…..Woodstore.net

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Freestyle Friday: Imagination

Some people tell me that they do not have an imagination.

I say — bullshit!

We ALL have an imagination. Whether it be envisioning how you are going to re-decorate your office, or how you are going to kill off the villain in your novel, or how you are going to spend that $1million lotto jackpot (that you’ll probably never win). 352 more words


Craft Project: Spindly Spider

Create this pumpkin arachnid from a handful of household materials

Turn three gourds on their side to make this spider. Button eyes and branch legs complete the creepy crawly creature. 40 more words


16 Honestly Effortless Kids’ Craft Ideas

The big factor about obtaining crafts for your youngsters is worrying if they will be capable to do them by themselves. Younger kids always like to show their independence by creating things on their own. 25 more words

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Time Flies Like an Arrow

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like banana. Though this ambiguous saying has nothing to do with my post, how can one deny that time flies like an arrow??? 267 more words

Inspired by DoSomething.org Trash Campaigns

Do Something is a non-profit organization designed to work with young people to inspire and motivate them to social change and activism. There are about 2.8 million members participating in cause-based campaigns. 214 more words

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