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Before Week 8 to do

I believe that language is a gateway into understanding culture. New Zealand is a breathtaking as it is rugged, a country that has thrived in it’s isolation into a place unlike any other. 360 more words


Wireframing 'Surprise Me' (App?)

A new way of viewing hierarchy of information. Instead of only being able to search and understand creativity through ‘disciplines’ why not break them all together and base it on something abstract like mood? 407 more words


Weather diary

So I’ve started a weather diary about how the Wellington weather effects my mood! Everyday I plan to do a small, quick doodle to some up my weather experience for that day. 35 more words


An Occurrence of Innovation

I have written and drawn on this topic before and from my earlier post, it has driven some very interesting conversations with groups who focus on conditions and mechanics of creating an innovation and action of being innovative. 481 more words

Visual Thinking