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i feel you in my bloodstream; kissing my veins, bruising their walls. i feel you trying to get out of my mind, shattering my nerves one by one, trying so hard to exist outside of those four dusty walls of mine. 169 more words

Scraps Of Writings

I'm really bad at this concentration thing....

I had a plan. I was going to do something tonight…but instead…

I spent what could have been a productive hour or so playing around on Photoshop. 60 more words


I really fucked up
and I can’t contain the red
you can’t make it stop

WARNING : NOT SERIOUS WRITING HERE. I’m just joking around with my writing, but it’s also a part of the story and not many people read my fics so why not grab the chance? 484 more words


March 12, 2014


Yesterday I got a hair cut :D

I look pretty awesome….OH..did i mention i feel like cutting?

I do.

But I won’t.

Because I made a promise. 22 more words



i know that if you guys slip into my mind for a few seconds, you’d be shocked as to what’s in there. my thoughts don’t align with yours, and that’s okay. 247 more words


Breakfast smoothies are fun

Oatmeal smoothie!! Recipe courtesy of @saplingvegan