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As a child I remember watching Spider-man every night before bed and just loving every minute of it, but that’s about all I got with superheroes. 246 more words




Poor Hoechlin. Maybe someday he’ll have a gig where they appreciate him for more than his body.

I hate how virtually every question he gets from the media is about his shirtlessness or his looks.

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Last night, I stood right there at that very bus stop.  Everything seems like how it was that time.

worst feeling ever.

that feeling is equivalent to 5 seconds in hell.   139 more words


I can’t find any good books to read! ARGH!

This request is well over a year old.  I’ve finally started to feel a little more brave in putting my art out there.  It was a long time coming and I just want to say thank you to everyone that’s stuck with me.<3… 7 more words

Camp Night

Fire burning with the heat warming our bodies
Music filling our minds, our bodies our souls
Loving the night , drinking away time with those who fill our hearts with laughter. 63 more words