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Last night, I stood right there at that very bus stop.  Everything seems like how it was that time.

worst feeling ever.

that feeling is equivalent to 5 seconds in hell.   139 more words


I can’t find any good books to read! ARGH!

Camp Night

Fire burning with the heat warming our bodies
Music filling our minds, our bodies our souls
Loving the night , drinking away time with those who fill our hearts with laughter. 63 more words


Pirate Treasure Scholarship

My grandfather has a million stories. My grandma says only half of them are true. My mom says less than that.

“Pap, tell us one of the stories about the family.” 663 more words

Your lips are a galaxy and I want to taste the stars.

The Girl With Glow-In-The-Dark Stars On Her Ceiling

When you break my heart, you break me apart too.

Movie Critique turned Life Lesson

Okay guys… I’m just gonna go ahead and cut to the chase with this one. You will most likely hate me after reading this. I think I might hate myself after reading this. 1,009 more words