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Twin Roundup Tuesday! Epigenetics, pranks, and abductions, oh my!

It’s time to get our science on with this week’s Twin Roundup!

Ever wonder why identical twins tend to look less alike as they age? Epigenetics is the answer! 160 more words

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Big Sisters

I finally purchased a new cord for my camera so I could take some awesome pics of the twins before they are big sisters. I am going to share all the ones with y’all that I can. 47 more words


Best Day of My Life.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning so excited about the new direction things have gone! I can’t fully divulge what I’ve been up to but I WILL say there has been a lot of drawing, a lot of sewing, a lot of frustration followed by  joy and excitement. 658 more words


How to Deal With Being a Twin

Twins: The Good and Bad Parts About Being a Twin
I adore being a twin. Lucky for me, I’ve got an amigo for life that has imparted numerous encounters growing up and keeps on doing so despite the fact that we now live hours far from one another. 1,717 more words


The crying game

I doubt there is a single parent out there who appreciates the unsolicited baby advice that gets flung their way.

One of my favourite stories was the time Buds was around 14 months and we were quickly grabbing a few things in the grocery store before heading to dinner with a friend. 503 more words

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The Famous Artworks That Inspired 15 Films

There is a fascinating interplay between the visual cultures of film and art. Directors have frequently used imagery from painting and other art forms to shape the look and meaning of their works. 1,648 more words


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Two Hearts Beating in Unison – The Story of Two Identical Twin Girls: Part I

What is it like to be a twin? Who was born first? When your sister feels pain, do you feel it to? Do you have a special way of communicating with each other? 1,607 more words