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Separating the Twins - When is the Right Time? (Ah, never!)

About a month ago I was approached by two separate teachers and an administrator at The Twinkies daycare. Apparently the two of them are under the impression daycare is really the WWE. 965 more words


Epigenetics and the breast versus bottle debate

The breast versus bottle debate is nothing new, but with refreshed guidelines, a lobby to ban formula advertising and a new study finding that breast may not be best, the argument is resurfacing. 409 more words


To Disney We Will Go

My girls will be three soon.  And with most things, when a kid turns three, the freebies go away.

No more free admission to festivals or amusement parks or swimming pools.   1,567 more words

Life With Twins

Not so identical - twins, epigenetics and conversations with strangers part 2

Last week I posted about why my identical twins don’t look identical and promised I’d provide a simple explanation of epigenetics.

Put simply, epigenetics is the way chemical tags associated with environmental influences… 366 more words


The twin brothers, separated at birth, met by chance in an online forum after their adoptive mothers’ funerals. The two women had died on the same day a couple of months prior to the cyber encounter. 104 more words

Not so identical - twins, epigenetics and conversations with strangers part 1

December 2013 – I’d busted my gut to get my toddler twins prepped, out the door and at the shopping centre before doors opened. I was on a mission: get in and out again in under an hour – the maximum amount of time these particular toddlers were happy to stay in the pram for and the precious hour before I needed to move on to our next errand. 328 more words


Weird Fact Of The Day 09/03/2014

During the 5 months she was Canadian Prime Minister, Kim Campbell took a 3 month holiday, leaving her twin sister Luanne to run the country, unbeknownst to everyone, even her cabinet.

Weird Fact Of The Day