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A Disney Survival Story

Interesting enough, when I first told some friends (with twins) that I was taking my girls to Disney before their third birthday, I was told more than a few times that I was insane.   1,040 more words


14 Questions Every Twin Has Been Asked

Twins fascinate people. I can say this because I am one (yes, identical—that was probably your next question.) This fascination comes with the same set of questions no matter if you’re young, old, fraternal, identical, famous, or not. 357 more words

Sentimental Journey

All writers …

Most writers begin their stories with a hook, scintillating start, or shocking event. My birth qualifies for both. Here’s the story pieced together from my mother’s answers to my questions long, long ago. 341 more words

Violet Carr Moore


The smell of rain on dry earth always made her think of Marlowe. When the first drops began to fall, scattering the dry dirt in little soft puffs she always smiled. 522 more words


Nature or nurture?

What happens when identical twins, born to a teenage mother who’s unable to cope and abandons them, are separately adopted after their less-than-ideal start in life and brought up in decidedly disparate family circumstances? 340 more words

Dinner with Twins

Being a working mom and trying to juggle life is hard.  No, this isn’t a “Working moms have it harder post.”  This is a Life is Hard Post and here is why MY life is hard. 612 more words


New DNA Test Allows Prosecutors to Charge Correct Identical Twin

Boston prosecutors say they have proof they are charging the correct identical twin, Dwayne McNair, for the rape and robbery of two women in 2004 thanks to a new DNA test. 226 more words