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Being an Identical Twin.

For 22 years I have lived with someone who looks identical to me. And to answer everyone’s question – “What’s it like being a twin?” WE. 771 more words

Einstein's "Twin Paradox" get's put to the test

“Consider a pair of brothers, identical twins. One gets a job as an astronaut and rockets into space. The other gets a job as an astronaut, too, but on this occasion he decides to stay home. 146 more words


Identical Twins arrested for burglary in Lagos

A set of twins, Taiye and Kehinde Balogun, (pictured above) have been arrested by the Special Anti Robbery Squad in Lagos for robbing a factory belonging to Reckitt Benckiser, Punch reports. 214 more words


Hit & Run 4

Inevitably Joe’s determined curiosity widened to include the rest of the world. As his medical condition worsened, his parents curtailed family outings without saying a word or ever referring to the involuntary confined nature of the shorter vacations. 391 more words

Epigenetics: the ever-changing genetic landscape within us

Can you change your genes? Until a decade or so ago, the popular understanding of genetics was that you inherited your genetic instruction manual from your parents, and barring potential mutations that you might gain throughout your life, your genes are fixed. 144 more words


When Twinning Goes Wrong...

As if the phrase #twinning isn’t annoying enough, Cosmo just informed us of two twins who (unfortunately) take it to the next level. Sure, wearing matching outfits as kids is adorable, but if you’re still matching on a daily basis in college… 77 more words

Lorna and Felicity

A lot of outside theories swirl around what happened with my sister and me. I’ve heard them all over and over and have come up with more than a few myself. 282 more words