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VH1 Is Developing A New Reality Competition Series That Will Focus On Identical Twins

Lighthearted Entertainment, who previously brought us the amazing and highbrow Dating Naked is developing a series with VH1 tentatively called Twinning, which will ostensibly feature twelve sets of identical twins performing challenges that will “test their twin connection.” 213 more words


Human Cloning- Ethical or Unethical?

What would the world feel and look like to you if you had another existing you or many of the same exact you to see?  My mom is an identical twin which is a natural form of human cloning which happens when the fertilized egg forms one zygote which splits and forms two embryos.   905 more words

23 Weeks

How far along? 23 weeks, one day

sleepif it’s even possible, this category has gotten worse. Not only am I increasingly uncomfortable, and Bax is up itching, but now I’ve developed AWFUL migraines that keep me up all night. 195 more words

Poetry: Letting it flow. Title: Identical Twins

~By Nicole Thomas~
Why is it that it’s so easy to compare ourselves to others? Or to rate ourselves in relation to somebody else. No one person is like another.. 110 more words

Positive Thinking

Alas and alack

I never had an imaginary friend as the daily prompt suggests. At least they didn’t say “everyone” this time, just “most of us”. So kudos… 688 more words

Daily Stuffs

A Disney Survival Story

Interesting enough, when I first told some friends (with twins) that I was taking my girls to Disney before their third birthday, I was told more than a few times that I was insane.   1,040 more words