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IDENTICAL by: Ellen Hopkins

I’m going to start off by saying that this is one of my FAVORITE books. The twist at the end is really an actual twist. I didn’t see it coming. 90 more words

Book Reviews :)

It's Obvious To Anyone

It’s Obvious To Anyone

It’s obvious to anyone that a car missing two wheels will not work well on the highway.

It’s obvious to anyone that a hammer without a handle will not work as well as one with a handle. 305 more words

Brain Chain

Mama breaks the rules

Every now and then the baby rules change. It used to be that solids were started at four months and parents were supposed to follow a pretty strict cereal to purées guideline before eventually starting teeny tiny pieces of food. 242 more words


2017 Lexus SC Will Seem Practically Identical To The LF-LC Idea by Auto Blog Via

Because the Lexus LF-LC Notion debuted in 2012 there have been many rumors and reports about a production model. We’;re now acquiring more powerful reviews that it will enter production as a 2017 model with the SC badge. 25 more words

Portraits Of Total Strangers Who Look Like Twins / Perfect Doppelgangers

Have you ever wondered if there are people who look just like you somewhere around the world?
Well, photographer Francois Brunelle did.

“I was inspired by 2 things,” said photographer Francois Brunelle. 325 more words


35 weeks! 12 more days to go!

Hello and happy 35 weeks! Doug and I are so close to meeting our girls it is almost unreal. We are now considered full term and if they come anytime between now and 37 weeks they are not considered premature. 227 more words

We're six months old!

Well that six months went by in a flash, and crazy to think we’re halfway to their first birthday already!

The girls are three and a half months corrected and six months actual. 166 more words