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I just recently discovered a crazy resemblance between my childhood music teacher and my college classmate.

Its uncanny. Makes you wonder if Time Travel and Parallel Universes do actually exist.


Twins in the NICU :: Our 80-Day Journey Home - Twiniversity

Sometimes I forget exactly what our time in the NICU was like. The specifics and all the challenges we had. It felt like it went on forever while the girls were there, but now it seems the time flew by. 95 more words


Meeting my OB.GYN and Finding Out About The Twins

At week 10+3, on January 15, 2015, I went to go meet the doctor who would potentially be delivering. It was a referral to her from my family doctor, as he does not deliver twins. 474 more words


We could be immortals, just not for long when using a duplicate delete!

Sometimes awesome things just happen. ¬†Today Rob Farley¬†(@Rob_Farley) was helping me with a previous post about my dates table and just as a side note he said, “Oh, let me show you something else cool.” It was really cool and so I asked if I could add it to my blog since I never know when this problem will strike. 249 more words

Awesome T-SQL

Battle of the bulge

I’ve written about my jelly belly several times since the girls have been born. I wish I was one of those women who was like; “Oh! 240 more words


When we found it out was twins...

It was the beginning of December 2014. Dave (baby daddy) was on a week long snowboard trip. I was doing my thing at home, all the while waiting for my period to show up… It was a Friday and after being an entire week late, I went to Rexall to grab a test while Facetiming with Dave. 268 more words


Determine A Light Coin Among Six Identical Coins In Two Weighings

This video explains how to determine which coin out of 6 identical coins is light using only 2 weighings on a balance scale.