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Identity : a^5/((a-b)(a-c)(a-d)) + ...


With (a, b, c)

With (a, b)

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Number Puzzles

Name Change

“And so it was, as her soul was departing (for she died), that she called his name Ben-Oni*, but his father called him Benjamin.**”  Genesis 35:13 NKJV… 66 more words


Long Live Charlie Hebdo : Harsh Kapoor

A letter to the left leaning in wake of Charlie Hebdo shootings of January 2015

Guest Post by HARSH KAPOOR

The January 2015 terror attack on the Paris satirical weekly and its gross misinterpretation by people of Left liberal sensibilities in India and much of the world. 216 more words

Bad Ideas

Paris & jihad, like breivik & holmes, is not about religion

ISIS asks huge ransoms for those they hold prisoner, and if they don’t get the money, they kill by beheading and filming the beheading to show what they can do if monies aren’t paid up. 710 more words


why I am not a free speech fundamentalist

Yesterday, I listened to Harlem Desir – french secretary of state for European affairs – at Columbia U about his commitment to fighting an old problem, antisemitism. 825 more words


mixing context and shape

These days we live in a pluralistic world. There are so many choices and so many flavors, because no one wants the same thing. Also the fact that, especially the younger generations, want innovation in everything as soon as possible has lead us to a community that will explode by stuff. 309 more words



 a fresh take on indentured servitude à la educational-industrial complex

Design It Yourself.

you are the “I” in “It


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