We Are Home

Today, the mosque in the town of Cold Lake, Alberta was vandalized. Windows were smashed, and the vandals spray painted the walls. “Go home” was scrawled in crimson red. 899 more words


Now Everyone Wants to Sell You a Magical Anonymity Router. Choose Wisely - BY ANDY GREENBERG 10.24.14 | 6:30 AM

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Maintaining your privacy online, like investing in stocks or looking good naked, has become one of those nagging desires that leaves Americans with a surplus of stress and a deficit of facts. 533 more words


The Autumn of My Parents

It is a poignant irony that most of us don’t understand or empathize with the humanity of our parents until later in life. Until then they are ‘other’ and we can’t quite believe that they have the same sort of emotions that we do. 660 more words


Who am I? I am loved!

Ok. Remember last week and you may have been wondering why you were chosen? Well, I will get to that in a few…

It is hard to define actually what love is. 639 more words

Dealing with Loss

Dealing with loss is not easy, although its impact is measured by its significance to your life and your identity.

Whatever the circumstance it’s lonely and trying to reconnect with your identity and trying to move forward with your life is a challenge you never anticipate.When you lose a piece of your life that signifies a large part of your identity, repairing the damage requires you to regain control. 856 more words

The Lions Life - Entire Collection

Holding Back Crazy

I may shine

And sparkle

With laughter

Borne of diamonds

Mined from

Childhood’s happy core

But, come too close, Stranger

And you will find

The… 43 more words