5 AM In Philly is an unreleased track produced by ID featuring the rap talents of SaN, HDR (High Def Rhymes) rap group member. The ID Family went to work on this one, making sure one of their own, SaN, talents’, was heard at a great volume for everyone to hear. 168 more words


May 18, 2007- Not Forgetting

As I get older, I am struck by those things that I now recognize as being innately ME. Not things that are just bad habits, or things that are passing fads, but things that make me who I am – warts and all. 445 more words


Ugh. The “Black American” vs. “African-American” conversation is playing out on my Twitter timeline. AGAIN. It would be great if we could have this discussion without being antagonizing or conducted in a way that wasn’t a constant attempt to one-up the other. 46 more words


Anthropomorphizing God

There are many dangerous things Christians like to do. One of them is to anthropomorphize God.

Anthropomorphize: (verb) to attribute human form or personality to things not human…

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Three simple words that could save your life – part 1 of 3

The recent suicide of Robin Williams is tragic on so many levels. Many have written reported and commented on the details regarding his struggle with depression compounded by his recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. 1,562 more words


Simply Listen

I am standing in a lobby listening to people compare their tragedies. It is more than comparison; it is a festival of one-ups-manship. “If you think that’s bad, my niece was just diagnosed with a terrible cancer….” The first speaker, now crestfallen, reaches into her story-bag of pain as another member of the group competes, “That happened to my brother just after his daughter was hit broadside by an enormous truck!” The group coos in sympathy, each in a hurry to make their personal story of hurt the center of the conversation. 367 more words

Truly Powerful People

Will Humans Survive Another 100 Years ?


“There could be a super powerful and non polluting energy source awaiting us to unveil, an energy source which could restore Earth, its lost pristine greenery.”- Midhun Antony…

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