I don’t fit into a racial mold. When I was younger, I only knew that my family culturally identified as Hawaiian and I had to check “multicultural” or “other” on standardized tests. 559 more words



Dear Human,

Have you ever felt like a piece of candy in a box of chocolates?

The insert labeled you correctly as “milk chocolate and caramel”, but somehow it got placed upside down and you were misidentified as “dark chocolate and peanuts”. 101 more words


Life "Al Revés" and Speaking in Tongues

Some parts of my life feel al revés (backwards or inside out).

No, I’m not going back in time nor am I coming undone. But, sometimes I’m Audrey, and sometimes… 792 more words


The Wall

In schools, the relationship between student and teacher is a strange one. How far should the teacher be willing to educate a student, and how far should the student be willing to try? 517 more words


Light The Way

Yesterday was Ann’s funeral. She died too young but by all accounts lived out loud – she packed a lot of life into her short time. 546 more words

Truly Powerful People

[Poem][Back of the World]

Back of the World

At the back of the world

The sky drops off

Into a brightness beyond

Anything seen before

Can this be the end… 46 more words


Snap back!

Your categorization is not your definition. This society in which we live in classes people into categories that are anything but their identity. Our causes of laughter, pain, tears and smirks are something that the society assumes on itself to be a particular belief. 159 more words