Mirror mirror on the wall

I’ve come to appreciate the importance of visual cues in healing and recovery, particularly in my case of a traumatic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). As I’ve written about many times before, recovery from SCI doesn’t just involve a standard protocol or physical rehabilitation regimen with proven results. 601 more words

Full Recovery

A Question of Sanity: Mental Health & the Church

A week after the sad news that actor and comedian Robin Williams took his own life, the shock has worn off. His suicide has brought a lot of talk to the forefront about mental health issues. 785 more words


Reclaiming My Identity from Mental Illness

By far the most frightening thing that has happened since depression took a choke-hold on me is the insidious, creeping loss of identity.

I realised with some sadness that my mental illnesses form almost all of my conversations on-line and off-line. 217 more words


Exorcism of Identity.

You asked for my name,
But I could not tell you.
For one’s name is the identity which can only be destroyed once known.
In a ritualistic exorcism the priest will first find symptom, 343 more words



The self is a concept with which philosophers have wrestled for centuries. What is it that comprises the self? How do I wake up as the same person who went to sleep the night before? 854 more words

Graduate School

The Most Important Part of Love

What is love without sincerity? Is it really love at all? Recently I have begun to look at 1 Corinthians 13 (the famous “love chapter” of the Bible) a little differently. 713 more words


The Empty Void - Pain

Sharable notes for the August 17, 2014 message. You can tweet and post these notes on your social platform! 259 more words

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