Like Pigs in the Mud

“Beloved, if our heart does nor condemn us we have confidence toward God.” I John 3:21 NKJV

God loves me, this I know. We say it & sing about it. 137 more words

God's Love

This is Not the End

This is for everyone who has been afraid that this season or this state of events will never end. Maybe it’s been a long season of life and busyness and stress, or maybe it was something that just happened today—a failure at work, a fight with a spouse, the notice that a friend is moving on…But regardless of the situation, there’s that anxious little voice that whispers, … 535 more words


It's Good to Remember

I begin this blog post in a plain, conference center room, the patterned bedspreads rust colored and slightly tired. The fan of an air conditioner provides white noise in the background, and I sit, propped by large pillows at the back of the bed. 513 more words


He Makes Beautiful Things

EZEKIEL 16:7 “I made you thrive like plants of the field. You grew up and matured and became very beautiful.”

Have you ever noticed the exquisite detail of a sunflower?

355 more words

"Hey, Let Me Tell You Something..."

Words are powerful. They have the power to control and influence a lot of things. They shape and mold our perspectives. Words can be strung together in such a creative and original way that orchestrates a beautiful picture. 343 more words


Social Interaction

A crossover between real life and social media interactions, reality becomes distorted, who sees what? Others, maybe even strangers begin to have an input in our lives! 9 more words


A Moment to Ponder?

Do you have a few quiet moments today?

Do you need to ponder your identity in this crazy, mixed up world?

Then, if you like, please visit Case of Mistaken Identity.

Faith & Practice