Who Am I.

You may have read my recent post Who Are You WIthout Your Phone? Well, our latest dinner table discussion probes a little further with an even more foundational, yet very basic question. 517 more words

Life In General


Anagrama developed this minimalist branding, from the naming to the web design.

Our proposal began with the naming: Winecast sends a selection, or cast, of 6 bottles optimized to the user’s tastes, much like actors selected for a play based on their aptitudes for a precise role.

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On Being Vulnerable

I feel like vulnerability is such a catch phrase lately. Maybe it’s because I spend hours a day in my office googling TED talks, and listened to Brene Brown’s videos ( 313 more words


Equilibrium Estate

Interesting labels to explain the wine brand engagement: infographies

Gemma Warriner, an Australian designer, developed and created wine labels to illustrate each sustainable production method for… 149 more words