"I am what I do?"

Why “I am what I do” can be a miserable philosophy to live by. For more click here to listen to “Work & Identity”.


The Third Culture Kid Dictionary

Words are important. We use them everyday, all day. They describe what we want, what we think, how we feel and a myriad of other things. 790 more words

Third Culture Kid


To my pleasant surprise, my son has Zuru origin.

Actually, I knew there was something different about him.

He is ever so polite and cordial. Plus he speaks fluent English. 89 more words

E-Learning Expert


One upon a time not so long ago┬áI attended a journalism conference aimed at the youth of today about online journalism and how it’s ‘the next big thing’ for us. 991 more words


The Arab Spring in 2014

Many different things, many explosive, are taking place across the Arab world right now. But for all the coverage allies (or potential allies), airstrikes, and beheadings are getting on the front pages, the real picture is more complicated. 88 more words


once your truth is revealed

You have taken the red pill.

Things will be revealed to you unlike you’ve never seen. The fabric of this world you believed existed no longer holds true. 224 more words