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How atheists harm their own ability to be accepted by others

Browsing the internet one can’t help but observe a lot of snark across causes and groups, and the atheist community is no exception. Memes decrying believers’ intelligence and taunting nonbeliever’s intellectual prowess, many of them humorous and many of them not, get circulated frequently. 940 more words

Identity Formation in Chinese Christian Churches in the United States

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Yi-Hsuan Chelsea Kuo


Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, USA.


This study looks at some of the Chinese Christian churches of the Boston area by first giving an historical overview and then reporting the findings of the author’s fieldwork in a Chinese church in suburban Boston, which is able to shed some light on the many roles Christianity has during the various phases of Chinese immigration and to suggest that it is an ideology which many Chinese immigrants both identify with and reconceptualize in Confucian terms. 396 more words

2nd International Conference of History, GCU, Lahore 17-18 November 2014

2nd International Conference of History On “Colonial and Post-Colonial Punjab”

17th -18th November 2014

Department of History, GC University, Lahore

Venue: Bukhari Auditorium

Please find attached the full programme for the 2-day conference:Conference programme final


Digitalized newspapers: innovation and improvements

The digitalization of text documents, from parchments to books, has been one of the key activities of Digital Humanities. It has allowed the worldwide access to historical documents covering very large timeframes and locations. 525 more words


Notice this idea of OneCommunity is not isolated to any one college campus. This is a nationally-deployed tactic to silence narratives from racially oppressed peoples. To erase our unique struggles of having black or brown bodies in a white supremacist society by framing it as a ‘human’ or ‘community’ issue, as if we are all impacted in the same ways. 35 more words


On Raven-Symone, the Colorless, and the Colored.

The white supremacist idea that there is a Black Hegemon, or some Black Monolith out there abounds in America, which does force black people into the spotlight as spokespersons, whether that means being on a nationally broadcasted interview with Oprah, as was the case with Raven, or being a black body in a classroom discussing affirmative action. 1,022 more words


Journal Prompt: Researching identity

I’ve never really thought about how to research identity, but I can imagine that identity researchers have to explain themselves a lot. Identity seems like something that could be considered subjective (not unlike trying to… 528 more words

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