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Faith Over Fear....

Faith over fear… man, sometimes ignoring fear and choosing faith seems impossible. Very dear friends of ours had their housebroken into recently. The majority of things stolen were items which could easily lead to identity theft. 838 more words


Identity Theft

Identity thieves can be extremely clever and can often cause you disastrous debt and a terrible credit rating. A good credit rating is important in order to receive favorable loan terms and credit cards. 312 more words

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State Officials Warn About Risk Of Identity Theft From Buying Fake IDs

CHICAGO (CBS) – As consumers scramble to protect their credit and debit card information in the wake of a stream of data breaches at major retailers, one group is voluntarily giving out their personal information. 243 more words


Nicholas Pell – Identity Theft From Cradle To Grave


Source: FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com

MainStreet.com’s Nicholas Pell examines an alarming new trend in Identity Theft.

Not content with making the living people’s lives miserable, identity thieves are going after the recently deceased and children now as never before. 38 more words

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The Law of the Land and of Nature

(This should be posted early as I will not be in a position to write a post next weekend. If I don’t make it, it may be late!) 1,367 more words


What's the Catch? Identity Theft Monitoring Services

Home Depot, Target, insert almost any retailer here.  Stories of data breaches abound so interest in credit monitoring or identity protection services are also growing.  Which makes the story this week about a fine levied on U.S. 450 more words

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Credit Card Trends

  • Your next debit card will likely be “chipped.”  Bank of America leading the way (MarketWatch)

Bank of America Corp. is the first major U.S. 946 more words

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