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Kenya's MRC leader Omar Mwamnuadzi charged

The leader of a secessionist group in Kenya has been charged with holding an illegal gathering and planning to breach the peace.

Omar Mwamnuadzi denied the charge during a court appearance late on Wednesday. 151 more words


Time, Talents, and 20's Lesson #2

Time, Talents, and 20’s Lesson #2 – Talents:

  • Introduction: Jimmy Kimmel Christmas Gifts youtube video and Steven Wiltshire youtube video.
  • Most of us probably don’t have the same skill of Stephen Wiltshire, but that doesn’t mean that God has overlooked us and given us terrible gifts as the parents did in the first video.
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I'm The Bomb

My bomb says royal in Chrome5 graffiti letters. I believe that by adding a more common graffiti street art to my bomb it shows that sort of rebellious side and I am not always going to be a perfect royal figure. 766 more words

Tag and Bomb Met Gallery

Dear Met Gallery,

I would like my art piece to be in the “How We See Ourselves-Individual Identity Gallery” Identity is who you are, how you were brought up, your interests, appearances, hobbies, religion, and more. 987 more words

Identity and Graffiti

Dear MET Gallery,

I would be honored to have my work in the MET Gallery, I think that my work represents my identity and would inspire people to express themselves in their art work. 1,053 more words

Tag: How Do I define my self?

Dear Met Gallery,

I would be very proud if my graffiti art goes to the gallery, but I am already happy to be able to paint my graffiti. 1,184 more words

Graffiti and Identity

Friday 17th of October 2014

Dear MET Art Gallery,

I believe that my piece should be in the gallery because it embodies my identity, and shows my understanding of who I am. 2,022 more words