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Vous Venez d'Ou?

One of the most interesting things about working in the largest mall in the United States* is the diversity of tourists who wander the halls. Most are from other parts of the country (I can always peg the Minnesotans, Wisconsinites, and Chicagoans), but some are from overseas. 495 more words


He got game, but he don't want it

I don’t claim to be good at anything (except making egg sandwiches and smartass comments), but I’m good at surfing. It’s a fact, and important to know for what I’m going to tell you. 893 more words


Dream Interrupted

“Which of the horses/ we passed yesterday whinnied/ all night in my dreams?/ I want that one.” William Stafford, Traveling Through the Dark

Out here you can glide across snowfields… 100 more words


what's in a name

All of Jacob’s life, he had been a wrestler.

He wrestled with Esau over the birthright blessing. With Isaac his father. He wrestled between Rachel and Leah, not choosing either, creating a face off between them. 307 more words


On Anti-feminism

The basic concept for my dissertation came out of seeing young women (often students in classes I was teaching) say, “I’m not a feminist, but …” and then say something that totally seems like feminism to me. 398 more words

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Terror in Resonance, Episode 4: Know Thyself

Some of the most intense and well-written series, anime and otherwise, present a strong, overarching narrative that knows precisely where it’s going, but keeps viewers at bay, leading them to only of what’s occurring in the present.  489 more words