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Why the Never Belongs

In a different person, I would have been able to change somewhat. Instead what I became was not what I totally expected. If someone told me once, never change, never change for anyone, I would have said, Of course not, of course I would never change for anyone. 410 more words

Short Story

7 questions to better know thyself, and who you want to be

I came across this article as I did my daily search on the interwebs for inspiration. As I am reconsidering my own occupation (think about the way that we use that word to describe your “life’s passion”), I believe it gets to the heart of what makes a great career. 33 more words

The Limits of Gender Roles and Gender Stereotypes

I’ve been watching a ton of those Buzzfeed videos about men doing things women do and women doing things men do. They are highly entertaining, eye opening, and based on stereotypical experiences each gender has. 1,205 more words

Feature Story

Identity Crisis: A Marxist Analysis of Facebook and Tumblr

Social media allows you to share pictures of yourself to the public. It lets you have an opinion on just about anything and present it as if you’re an expert on the topic. 959 more words


Perfection vs Keeping it Real

Full cascading hair, narrow face structure, almond-shaped eyes, and Angelina Jolie’s famous full lips – these are the ideal features of a beautiful woman. Or are they? 548 more words


Time to get that gas tank on FULL!

WoW.!! Is it just me or do we all get to that place in life where we feel like the tank is all out of juice and we just don’t have any more to give. 321 more words