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Disease or Identity

I have a history of depression. Sometimes it’s been pretty extreme. I’ve thought about death. I’ve googled morbid things. I’ve lost friends. I’ve seen therapists. I’ve been on medication. 676 more words


Be who YOU are.

Be who you are

In the midst of all the chaos, the ever changing universe… it has become quite difficult not to loose your authenticity. Think of yourself as an elastic band… and think of social media pulling you in one direction, the government in another, cultural expectations and your career in another. 221 more words


Moruba - Umm

“Umm” is a signature gastrobar offering a fine-dining experience. The onomatopoeias of gastronomic pleasure are the driving force behind its identity. Designed by Moruba.

Graphic Design

Never lose your childish sense of wonder

Bicycle with a pot of lilies on the front, Florence, 2013.

In the morning, in the gleam of a hundred hopes, almost shimmering with impatient expectation. 578 more words

So, true to course, I’m still toiling on what the main focus of this blog should be. Let me share a bit of my thought process before I open the floor. 944 more words

The burden of home

By Reuven Pinnata (Staff Writer)

I must confess that studying—not just studying, but living—in the United States had always been my childhood dream. I dreamt about and longed for that time to come; I idealized it and turned it into a point of reference. 679 more words


Navigating identities

I went to a forum on engaging Tibet. It was an alright forum. From time to time I felt too much marketing of the organization that organized it. 252 more words