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[Opinion][WANTED or LOST: Hardworking Youths]

Opinion Rant – WANTED or LOST: Hardworking Youths

            Are they actually out there anymore or have they just become a little lost in finding payable employment? 852 more words


Once Insane, Always Insane

The negative effects of psychiatric labelling were highlighted in a famous experiment conducted by the American psychologist David Rosenhan in the early 1970s. Rosenhan asked “healthy” volunteers to fake hallucinations in order to be admitted to different psychiatric hospitals across the United States.

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Mental Health

Wounded Tiger: review

Cricket in Pakistan has always been that bit different. The brilliance, the madness, the controversy; all seemed to a foreign observer to be exaggerated, defining features of the nation’s cricketing style. 1,262 more words


SSH with GoldKey tokens on OS X: provisioning (IV)

Until now we operated under the assumption that GoldKey tokens were already provisioned with PIV credentials. But that side-steps the question of how these key-pairs and certificates got there in the first place. 680 more words


Martin Jackson: Recollections of a Confederate Servant

Martin Jackson at age 90: Texan, house slave, Confederate servant, freedman, and WWI veteran
Source: This photo appears unsourced in several web sites. It was probably taken in the 1930s by or for the Federal Writers’ Project, which was part of the Works Progress Administration.
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The best books on Sudan: start your reading here

Tragedies – personal and political, fictional and all too real – abound in our literary tour of Sudan Suggested reading on Sudan: Season of Migration to the North, Lyrics Alley and Sudan. 694 more words


The End.

I’ve been writing about writing a lot. I see that every time I add the same tag ‘Writing’ to my posts. It feels like I need to. 439 more words