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   Israel’s PR re; civilian deaths in Palestine seems to be to convince the world that massacring children is their via dolorosa…a cross they must carry, fitting with their christ like self image of persecution, purity, godliness. 215 more words


The World’s Cheapest Vacation: Why Society Hates Drugs

Drugs are an escape from reality. You don’t need to pack any bags, go to an airport, or interact with anyone. You hardly need money to do them, and by extension, you hardly have to do any productive work to receive them. 1,716 more words


DAY 4: Monday July 21st: Sex and Sexuality! Patterned Fluidities: How does sex, impact gender, impact sexuality, impact sex?

First off: I’m loving these posts. You all are clearly taking the time to think carefully about the readings and their inclusive topics AND are taking the time to respond to one another in real discussion.  1,901 more words

What Is This?

The scariest things in Christianity: Biblical Prophecies.

What the scariest things are in Christianity: this infatuation with biblical prophecy and this notion that Jesus is going to come back as an avenging savior to kill all the bad people. 7,097 more words


Proof god don't exist.

Some people falsely believe that it is impossible to prove the unexistence of anything, but they are wrong. It can, for example, be proved that there is no even prime number greater than two. 3,051 more words


What is Fascism? (Without the Spin)

Can We Stop With The B.S. Please?

Fascism has become a catch phrase; a buzz word. When making a case that the government is abusing its power we easily explain it away as Fascism. 2,278 more words