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Christians Don't Use Their Head.

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Christians are told: don’t use your head if you want to keep your faith. Whatever you do, don’t let these people make you think about it. 692 more words


Why Christians repeat the exact same statements over and over again?

Many atheists, myself included, have argued with Christians and Creationists so long, that we’ve noticed many of them seem to repeat the exact same statements over and over again, particularly with respect to their dismissals of what we have to say. 986 more words


Day 8: Wednesday July 30th: Dating and the Internet!

NOTE: The Arvidsson reading has been added to ELMS! My apologies!!

As always, I’m absolutely loving all of your responses! Perhaps it is because we have the internets between each other that allow for it, but you all are really getting into these topics in ways that students in this class typically don’t (after all, to question the taboos of intergenerational sex is not something someone may feel incredibly safe doing in the classroom setting!). 1,347 more words

What Is This?

   Israel’s PR re; civilian deaths in Palestine seems to be to convince the world that massacring children is their via dolorosa…a cross they must carry, fitting with their christ like self image of persecution, purity, godliness. 215 more words


The World’s Cheapest Vacation: Why Society Hates Drugs

Drugs are an escape from reality. You don’t need to pack any bags, go to an airport, or interact with anyone. You hardly need money to do them, and by extension, you hardly have to do any productive work to receive them. 1,716 more words


DAY 4: Monday July 21st: Sex and Sexuality! Patterned Fluidities: How does sex, impact gender, impact sexuality, impact sex?

First off: I’m loving these posts. You all are clearly taking the time to think carefully about the readings and their inclusive topics AND are taking the time to respond to one another in real discussion.  1,901 more words

What Is This?