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Muslim kills New Jersey teenager, no media outrage

You recognize the names Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. But you probably don’t know the name Brendan Telvin. Here is an opportunity for more racial strife, but where are the media and other race baiters? 594 more words


Rumi on ideology

I want to share this brilliant tale, “On the shallow interpretation of the fly,” from Rumi’s Masnavi:

A fly in donkey’s urine, perched on a straw, Just like a boatman gazing at the shore, Said, ‘Straw and urine are like boat and sea…It thought a single drop could stretch so far unable to observe things as they are, Its world stretched out as far as it could view, Small eyes count as a sea a drop or two!

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The appeal of Islam to hormonally disaffected young Western men

With the USSR’s downfall, Dalrymple writes, Marxism lost most of its allure for these youths,

leaving them bereft of significance and purpose. Except for one group among them, they now had only a potpourri of causes (sexism, racism, the environment, etc.), none of which quite met the need or filled the gap.

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The English Class’s Societal Role: Ideology in Literary and Composition Studies

Marxist literary critics such as Louis Althusser highlight the influence that ideology has in social circles, including schools. In Reality, Consensus and Reform in the Rhetoric of Composition Teaching, Myers defines ideology as “…the whole system of thought and belief that goes with a social and economic system, the thoughts that structure our thinking so deeply that we take them for granted, as the nature of the real world.” (419) As English students, we often try to look at ideology from an objective standpoint, but we do not always realize that ideology exists within the realm of literary education. 689 more words


A Conversation

Well most you who read my blog know that I am a Political Science major at my University. With being a “poly-sci” major, debates of political philosophy, ideology, and policy are simply part of nature. 519 more words


Cultivation Theory & Political Ideology

Cultivation Theory argues that while specific television programs may have unique social and psychological effects on viewers, all television shows communicate common messages about culture, society, and politics (Morgan et al., 2009). 1,333 more words

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