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The first 9/11

I realize this title can render most readers startled or confused. That’s precisely why I have chosen it. And indeed, it is exactly what it purports to be. 861 more words


"Bizarre Looking-Glass Ideology": Deficit Scolds Are The Most Crazed Ideologues In America

A new Congressional Budget Office report shows that the projected increase in the national debt has slowed dramatically. Good news for deficit scolds, right? Not for Ron Fournier, who… 805 more words


A feminist guide to freshers' week | Education | theguardian.com

A feminist guide to freshers’ week | Education | theguardian.com.

I remember being mightily depressed in my first week at university.  What I thought would be a joyous academic asylum for outsiders turned out to be a very organised and threatening drinking club for Rugby players.

New Update of State Legislative Data Released

We’ve just released the July 2014 update of our state legislative ideology data set. Both legislator-level and state-level data are included, so you can use these scores for a number of different applications. 61 more words


Moar AAA

I’m surprised to see the positive response my previous post on AAA has garnered. First off, I’d like to thank New International Outlook and Nick Land for linking to the post. 679 more words