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AS task: parties and ideologies

Now you’re well-informed about the basics of parties (broad historical outline, leadership, general policy areas, number of MPs and regional representation etc) it’s time to delve into their history a little bit, and to move over to the political philosophy that underpins them. 279 more words



Confrontation: n. interacting (violently and/or an argumentatively) with frequently a very intense conviction(s)

The most common form of confrontation is a very intense argument where each side tries to win with their dominant belief, opinion and/or desire. 544 more words

Common Sense

Zeitgeists and the King of Soul

People talk about “the zeitgeist” of an historical period as if it were one spirit.  But in reality, the events of any particular epoch reflect several spiritual compulsions or visions that hover amongst the human hearts and minds of that age. 910 more words

Visual Rhetoric of a Multinational Corporation

One example of a multinational company is Nike, Inc.. Nike is a well-known company for their huge popularity among athletes and sports teams. Nike not only designs, develops and manufactures footwear and apparel, they also create equipment used by many sports teams and sponsor as well. 315 more words

The Thematic and Stylistic Similarities between The Sun Also Rises and Home to Harlem

It is convenient to cut-and-paste from the history books and remember the 1920’s in America with reverence and nostalgia: it was an era for swinging Jazz music, flapper girls, and the bourgeois, care-free attitude exhibited in speakeasies, but this decade of prosperity did not come without a price. 1,360 more words


R/N: The DMVA Way


DMVA is an architectural design company that was launched in 1997 by architects and designers Tom Verschueren and David Dreisen. The company caught my attention due to their use of a series of important design strategies that have allowed them to develop a style that is both unique and innovative with a signature that represents the company and doesn’t conform to the norms of society. 207 more words

Exceptionalism with Chinese Characteristics and American Exceptionalism -- China Versus America and the Dueling Ideologies

Xi Jinping, China’s president and Communist Party chief, has increasingly evoked Chinese history and philosophy in outlining his country’s role in the world. Credit Pool photo by Ed Jones… 970 more words