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The Tyler Durden Effect, Part 1

How many different philosophies can you incorporate into one angry feature that reflects the devolution of a man? In Tyler Durden’s rhetoric, we hear anti materialistic soliloquies that can only matched by Henry David Thoreau’s poetry. 744 more words

Revelation and yet Another Ending

I was finally hit with the message that there is a spiritual plan for me to get trained and equipped with the proper attitude, philosophy and knowledge required for a man to work in aid of the advancement of humanity. 397 more words


(psycho)analysis of society and present situation

If you pay attention on various forums and get statistical data you can analyse society and predict where it is heading.

Humankind development has always times of progressions and regressions, luckily progressions are stronger. 269 more words

Communism, ideology, matriarchate

I am European and in my country still havs relative presence of unconscious communism, although we went out of Jugoslavia about 25 years ago.

Communism itself is an ideology, which according to Edinger takes over religious base of human psyce. 178 more words

The Men Who Made Rome

After the consul had said what he wanted to say, one of those who were appealing to the tribunes – Sp. Ligustinus – begged the consul and the tribunes to allow him to say a few words to the Assembly. 607 more words



“Ideology is not only the world we live in, but especially the wrong ways we imagine how to escape.”  – Slavoj Žižek

"On And On It Goes": How The GOP Became A Party Of Ideological Extremism

As America’s two major political parties have evolved in the direction of philosophical purity over the past half century — with the Democrats emerging as the home of ideological progressivism and the Republicans as the font of ideological conservatism — it has become common for each to accuse the other of extremism. 752 more words