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Notes #1

Thursday 16th April 2014

EPQ Notes – Jungian Archetypes

Proposition: In a society that is undergoing constant change, to what extent can Jung’s theory of archetypes be applied to the modern day world? 209 more words


Al Gore and Al Jazeera? Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Every now and then there is some really good news out there; one of those circumstances where two @ssholes tear into each other so that no matter who gets their @ss handed to them, we (the good guys) win. 497 more words


Reality versus Perceptions

The year was 2008, the place Berlin, Germany, the Person Barack hussein Obama, newly elect but not sworn in next President of the United States. 488 more words



Portlandia is one of my favorite TV shows. I’m not going to say a lot about it, because if you’re a regular reader of Quilas… 213 more words

East Village

Notes on Fantasy

The following are some brief notes of reflection on Freud’s 1908 paper on hysterical phantasy, delivered at a meeting on 16th August 2014:

  1. Speaking very broadly, in the early Lacan, there is an emphasis on desire and its interpretation.
  2. 553 more words

Blurred ideologies (Part III)

Communism today

Despite having given small hints of what the communist ideology really is, we can see that in the X1X century there are still countries under this regime, from these we can cite three that would be the most recognized such as: The Republic of Cuba, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (recognized as North Korea) and the People’s Republic of China. 228 more words


L'amour des deux citrons

J’ai déjà eu l’occasion de dénoncer les grossières exagérations et le simplisme époustouflant, le tout assaisonné d’une bonne dose d’ignorance et même de mensonge, de Frédéric Bastien, un historien qui passe ses temps libres à pourfendre le juges canadiens qu’il croit être des tyrans assoiffés de pouvoir. 1,057 more words

Constitutional Law