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Terrible Decisions: The Hard Part


I’m tiling my bathtub surround today.

I can do this.

No one is going to die.

I am not going to fuck up.

I will still have two bathrooms at the end of the day. 24 more words


A Place Called Denial

There’s that place, beyond the rainbow (and no, you still won’t find that Pot of Gold!!!), a place called denial, where you can find that much-needed, BUT way too temporary relief from your pains. 119 more words


These responses to Harry Reid's latest idiocy will make you snicker

Jobs, schmobs! Sen. Reid has idiocy to spew. Since it is a day ending in “y” and all. Check out his latest:

It's unfair when companies reincorporate overseas to avoid their fair share of U.S.

276 more words
US Politics

simply stated--you are an idiot

This descriptive sign is proudly displayed for all to see without shame or embarrassment by those affected by its reality—period. Such pride associated with idiocy is the result of indoctrination, a false sense of importance, and intensified stupidity belonging to the sad representatives of liberal ideology and its lethal counterpart—your president. 154 more words

NYC Police Do Not Know How 2 White Flags Were Placed On Top Of The Brooklyn Bridge Because They Are Too Busy Killing People For Selling Loose Cigarettes

What an EFFIN joke…so my taxes pay for police to kill a man for selling “LOOSE” cigarettes (probably at 50 cents a cigarette) whose family will now sue NEW YORK CITY for 10s of MILLIONS of DOLLARS…so that I will have TO PAY even higher TAXES in my NEAR future..Even worse and MORE insulting is the fact that SOMEONE and/or SOME PEOPLE were able to climb on top of the BROOKLYN BRIDGE and replace 2 AMERICAN FLAGS  with 2 WHITE FLAGS….and the POLICE do NOT have the SLIGHTEST clue as to how THIS happened. 729 more words

Oh yeah

The cool, refreshing stream I posted a few weeks back? It’s the Bronx River, where it passes through the NY Botanical Gardens.



Words of Inspiration

I have never written more beautiful or poignant words. I’m starting to get all misty-eyed.

I think I may have a bright future in inspirational writing. 28 more words