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Terrible Decisions: Chapter You Go To Hell and You Die

Let’s not discuss how long it took to simultaneously obtain the time and the will to finish the cement boarding.  Let’s also not discuss the extra hole next to the hole for the shower pipe (which is also new as of today) because thirteen and a half inches and fifteen and a half inches are not the same thing. 79 more words


In which I am Not an Asshole: a brief true story

The wife and I just got back from a brief shopping trip that included a stop at Barnes and Noble.  This is an educator discount week (25% off of everything) so it was worth it to putter around a little bit.   93 more words


Just the Eggs Ma'am

Purchasing two dozen eggs at the supermarket is something that ought to be quick and simple.

Unfortunately I had forgotten the idiotprufs first rule of waiting: regardless of whatever line, queue, lane, or number taking method being used to make people wait, the line I happen to choose, will come to a screeching, flaming, imploding halt. 421 more words

If America Does Not Boycott Everything General Mills, Then This Country Has Truly Lost Its Effin Mind!

Hey everyone!!!! It’s NOW officially OFFICIAL…AMERICA has TRULY lost its FUCKING mind….and SOUL as well (but that’s another story for another day). I’m deadly serious about this…AND this AIN’T no funny JOKE yo! 630 more words

Oh shit I almost forgot

I confiscated this little gem from one of my girls today.  It’s behind a jump because it’s crazily, hilariously NSFW; you want to click through, though, trust me:


The Stupid Burns


It’s been a rough week. I went to see a new primary care doctor just over a week ago, and really liked him. He addressed the issues that the doctor I was leaving refused to look at– insomnia & RLS– and was nice on the eyes. 171 more words


I can’t hear the song “Time” by Hootie and The Blowfish without thinking about it. The endless loop of that song was my weeklong companion amid the chaos of the disintegration of my family unit. 1,082 more words