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In Case You Needed Further Proof ... Jesse Ventura Is Scum

From Marcus Luttrell via Independent Journal Review

      Jesse wins nearly two million dollars from Chris Kyle’s widow in a “defamation” lawsuit . Defamation of character presumes that one has some character to begin with , a difficult task to prove in Ventura’s case … that is where the court failed . 210 more words


The Walking Dead, Take 2

Hi everyone,

This is my first posted blog (I’ve started writing probably upwards of a hundred). If you’re looking for something upbeat, this one’s not for you. 540 more words


And to make you really, really insecure. . .

Just watch this chilling compendium assembled by John Oliver for the latest installment of his HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

By the time you’ve finished his debunking of the purported security of America’s nukes, you’ll be thoroughly disabused of any lingering doubt that, as Pogo famously said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” 35 more words


Not that you asked, but...

I have been gone all day on account of honest to goodness Sekrit Bizness that at the moment I am unable to divulge to other mortal hoo-manz. 31 more words


Fäulni'scheißemenschen: Ego Frailty

If you are nothing without something, then you were never very much to begin with.

When something is so ingrained into one’s ego, anything that even seemingly threatens that thing also threatens to shatter the ego along with it… and I can think of nothing more fragile than the human ego. 49 more words


I am the Poster-Boy for the Withdrawal Method

My stupid father should have masturbated into a sock instead of ejaculating into my stupid mother. Fucking idiots, both of them.


idiotprufs: the Blog That's Just too Big For One Tagline

Are you sick of taglines? Too bad.

I’ve decided to rotate taglines starting with what seemed to be the favorite from the previous list: Read by four out of five drunken monkeys–written by the fifth. 638 more words