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They fall in my lap.

The other day I checked my spam folder and I was delighted to find I had been contacted by a variety of attempted wool pullers. I promptly replied to them all seeing as how they had taken time out of their day to contact me regarding millions of unclaimed dollars that could in fact be mine. 1,078 more words



Everywhere I look nowadays, too many people are whining because something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. They don’t even take the time to learn WHY something might not work. 317 more words

In which things are moaned about

Because moaning is quite thereputic, it is good to indulge in it occasionally. Not too often of course; just between experiancing things to moan about. 209 more words

Woad betide, part the first

July was an odd month for various reasons.

  • I was away at the monastery for a few days of deep silence with six hours of quiet train travel to and from bookending my stay there…
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On The Fly (aka From A Mobile Device)

John Oliver tackles militarized police & Ferguson

Cutting through the bullshit, when done in a non-plummy British accent, is somehow funnier than the same message conveyed in plain old American media English. But when the accent comes with rapier-sharp wit, the result is simply delicious. 117 more words


In which I ignore the Pope Emeritus' crappy grammar

And here we go, right?  Everybody has to be back tomorrow, and the kids return Wednesday, and Open House was tonight.  This year’s Open House involved a mad dash between 3:00 and 4:30 for new clothes, as I don’t own a single pair of slacks and didn’t remember that Open House was tonight and not tomorrow night until just after midnight.   352 more words


The Static Dilemma: An excuse for my "laziness".

Hey everyone! It seems like the phrase, “long time no see” is becoming a tagline of sorts for me. The reason for this is simple: college. 554 more words