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Spiralling to hide

‘Wake each day to find your truth’ -

How hard that is to say?
When truth is relative to youth
To dreams and yesterdays.

When truth is all you seek to find, 106 more words


Writing For Writings Sake - Basically

We live, we learn, we grow. We mess up, we get it right. We carry on – with that little bit extra under our wing of information to draw from. 753 more words

Idiot Ramblings

Changing our minds

I was gonna post a video – changed my mind – not what I really want to do.

is it not fabulous to be able to change ones mind about things? 143 more words

Idiot Ramblings

What is Art?

Every so often I feel like just browsing and looking out for interesting art…

HOW do people tag? Seriously? Like a snap shot of a dog is art? 122 more words

Idiot Ramblings

What Do YOU do?

This does not happen that frequently – but what do you do when you get completely and utterly bored out of your freakin mind? Nothing amuses you much – and what you REALLY need is a shot of adrenaline or a rush of some sort – ? 52 more words


Google dashes hopes

I stumbled down stairs confused.
Once a year or so I weigh myself.
I am supposed to check that my weight is not getting out of control for health reasons. 340 more words

Idiot Ramblings

What do you think?

Do people get recycled?