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Writing For Writings Sake - Basically

We live, we learn, we grow. We mess up, we get it right. We carry on – with that little bit extra under our wing of information to draw from. 754 more words

Idiot Ramblings

Changing our minds

I was gonna post a video – changed my mind – not what I really want to do.

is it not fabulous to be able to change ones mind about things? 143 more words

Idiot Ramblings

What is Art?

Every so often I feel like just browsing and looking out for interesting art…

HOW do people tag? Seriously? Like a snap shot of a dog is art? 122 more words

Idiot Ramblings

What Do YOU do?

This does not happen that frequently – but what do you do when you get completely and utterly bored out of your freakin mind? Nothing amuses you much – and what you REALLY need is a shot of adrenaline or a rush of some sort – ? 52 more words


Google dashes hopes

I stumbled down stairs confused.
Once a year or so I weigh myself.
I am supposed to check that my weight is not getting out of control for health reasons. 340 more words

Idiot Ramblings

Flowers For Football

AS promised:

My football article.
Football is a fantastic game. It has many fans. It is wondrous to play – however – I am beyond playing football, (except with my boy) and I call it soccer. 121 more words

Idiot Ramblings