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Future History Lesson

Ok, Student Units, take your seats.

Today, our lesson is on ancient grammar and noun / verb usage.

If you look on your info-Tablets, you’ll see an interesting article being swiped to you. 320 more words


Dumb Liberals Exist

You should care, at least if you’re any kind of liberal or progressive.

24, gay, married. GNC cis man. Liberal. Survivor. LGBT rights, anti-racism, anti-rape culture… 184 more words

General Writing


Assalammualikum wr.wb
Selamat malam 3idiot..
Kalian apa kabar ? *padahal baru ketemu tadi*

Okeh. Sebelumnya, aku kenalkan dulu apa dan siapa itu 3idiot.
3idiot adalah sebutan untuk kami bertiga. 314 more words


Everyone's a Psychologist Today

Remember when you were a kid and you called some a moron, idiot or imbecile?

Maybe you don’t have to harken back as far to your childhood. 635 more words


#4815 The Driver is A Farkwit


Prime Directive LOST !!!

This idiot is not stopping and letting people on or letting people off !!!

He is more interested in listening to MMM on the radio @ 70 db.


Dear Idiot,

you used to be fun, you know.
I guess times have changed.

Not only did you develop enormous attitude problems towards your fellow employees, but it appears, you lately lack a certain amount of respect for them, too. 164 more words


Rattled Rat

The song finally plays the crowd stays
Every note sung by the singer he sang with grace
She enters the room and breaks their rhythm… 76 more words