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America Without BS II: The Revenge of Bullshit

Apparently the American conservative press has developed a unique new method of lying. Basically you use misleading headlines and all the distortion you can cram into the story, but at some point you put the truth in there, in spite of the fact that it easily refutes the story’s thesis. 610 more words


What is the Desired Outcome?! Men are idiots. Part II

In case you missed Part I: I have most of the features that society typically associates with beauty, and I am aware of it. I’m petite, with long hair, symmetrical facial features, a mostly clear complexion and I’m generally friendly.   250 more words


On the way to work this morning

To the Porsche with California plates, thank you so much for living up to every single stereotype both of those things imply. It feels great to have this much validation this early in the morning.


Spontaneous Prose

Spontaneous Prose is thinking it, writing it, accepting it and publishing it. Well, that’s not the exact and educational definition but that’s the jist of it. 106 more words

Amanda Leigh

The College Football Playoff Committee Swings And Misses

by Nobu Goto

The major voice behind the first ever College Football Playoff Committee Rankings seem to be along the lines of “who cares? This is all going to change anyway after the powerhouse SEC teams play each other.” Whoa there. 340 more words

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