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You May Think I'm Okay... I'm Not

You think you dont affect me but I hate everything you do and say.

You may think I am happy
That I truly have no fear… 122 more words

Aviators and Assholes

There is something lacking here in the city, something i took for granted most of my life. I for as long as i can remember have been a believer, a believer in human goodness and manners, over my time working with the public ive never really changed my position on this, for every asshole I’ve met I’ve met ten decent people, this is one of the perks of working with mainly down to earth folks, i can however see polite society being eroded every day, yep the asshole and complete bitch brigade have been recruiting quite well and from what i can see they are particularly adept in built up urban areas with “few social problems” they have a uniform now too, oversized aviator glasses… 99 more words

Moms against everything

As a woman, this should scare the hell out of you. There is no way that being defenseless is a healthy position, yet, that is the very position that Bloomberg and the Progressives wish you to be. 203 more words


Are Destiny Aliens Idiots?

So, I’ve been playing the Destiny beta for a few days now and am loving it.  I just wish I had enough money to drop for the Ghost Edition (sigh). 185 more words

Xbox One

Let me escape

Frustration. My restless friend for four weeks. It keeps nagging at me that I’m stuck with my career, with myself. I still have some school left before I graduate. 677 more words

Long Distance for Idiots

Surprise, surprise! Guess who’s that love struck idiot that fell in love with someone out-of-state? Why of course, it’s me, the Long Distance Idiot.

I don’t understand the appeal of long distance relationships. 719 more words

The Internet Echo Chamber

With so much information available, it’s amazing how insulated the average internet user is. They tend to find their echo chamber and stay there. With almost the entire knowledge of humanity available, the average person decides to hide in a blacked-out bubble of their own prejudices, reinforced by others who want the same. 304 more words