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Squealing Lefties

If you want a good investment in this troubled time, buy stock in pharmaceuticals producing stroke, blood pressure meds and any meds that will control arrhythmia. 132 more words


Women who are public figures and still reject feminism - WTF

I have my final exam this semester tomorrow morning and really should be making that last presentation, but then I read up on this Meghan Trainor and… just, everything is wrong with this girl. 145 more words

Random Ramblings

I Wish My Friends Were More Spontaneous

I’m not trying to imply that I’m like Bear Grylls or anything, but I am 9/10 up for going out with my friends  and they just aren’t ever up for it (except Spex). 564 more words


Fuming... angry... pissed

Not much in life makes me angrier than someone belittling the military.
You don’t like it, cool.
Keep your mouth shut.
You’re entitled to your own opinion, yes. 75 more words

Unintended (?) consequence of gun control movement: Man with legal conceal carry tackled for having a gun

Or should I say the “gun safety movement“?

WTSP.com: A Lithia (Florida) man has been charged after he tackled another man Tuesday who had a handgun in a holster — and a permit to carry… 155 more words

Culture War

Manosphere Frees the Nipple

The Manosphere has once again  followed the lead of Femen and has adopted both topless protests and ‘free the nipple’ in their new manifesto. Residents of New York were stunned when half a dozen pasty men emerged from their computer dungeons, proudly displaying their pendulous natural breasts. 327 more words