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Hey, Dummy!

Over the last few weeks, as we splash around in the… uh… swimming pool of pre-new season speculation..? Imagine I wrote something much better there. Anyway, as we thrash about impatiently, one armband quickly deflating causing us to swim around in circles, I’ve noticed a bit of an unwelcome blather-trend online; namely that Capaldi is arguing with Moffat and telling him exactly what to write. 608 more words

Doctor Who

Kingdom update and the first of many.

So I have a video done for the Youtube channel and soon I will be taking a break from all the group projects. Every one else has been given a break at one time or another during our run so I will be out of the videos and what not for the next thirty days or so.(It started on the 15th) I can do some more writing, drawing, shirt design as the ideas just come to me with no need to keep myself on a progress driven schedule. 123 more words

Everything Else

410: Moving On

Well – Panama is not going to be the retirement country. I will start filling out applications soon, in the fall, for a new school in another country. 387 more words


“Have you ever noticed that idiots have a lot of friends? It’s just an observation.” ―Markus Zusak

*God is this ever the truth!*


Memo From Middle America | Refugee Industry Profiteering So Gross Even TIME Magazine Has Noticed

- By Allan Wall -

There’s more than one way to skin the American people. Illegal immigration isn’t just about cheap labor, growing the… 1,076 more words



In a few weeks shops will be selling stuff again for Sinterklaas. Which is actually “celebrated” on December 5th.

And I am already dreading it. 220 more words


How ignorant do you have to be to work at HuffPo?

If you’ve taken an OSHA safety class, been to a gun range, worked in a factory, been around explosives, worked in construction, done indoor skydiving, or a variety of activities that involve protecting oneself, you know what these are: 17 more words