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Retail Idiots.

Daily I experience the vain existence of many so called shoppers. You really never know what to expect. I choked up today when I asked a lady how her day was going… she just started crying. 368 more words

New Zealand Politics at its best.

I am absolutely mind blown by the crap dished out by our politicians. They definitely qualify as screaming brats in a playground. He said..she said. But no real sensible platforms for their propaganda. 157 more words


The Bloodsuckers, The Slavemasters and the Plebs

Who are the Bloodsuckers? The public school chinless wonders who despite no innate talents are fast tracked to the top jobs, where they show their lack of ability by repeatedly messing up, never learning from their mistakes. 161 more words


Electric Soft Parade: The End?

andrewdsweeney.wordpress.com Live Review 15th April: “Unfortunately, just before the end, Thomas announced that Electric Soft Parade were going to be no more. After that gig, that’s it – the last time they were ever going to be playing in the UK, ever… Still, we have a new, upcoming Alex White solo album coming up. 258 more words

Electric Soft Parade



I know it’s almost cruelly easy to make fun of fashion “journalists” and the weird, twisted, silent contract they have with their readers, i.e. 745 more words


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This is a short post inspired by recent events in my life.  A few weeks ago I had a date scheduled with a girl, but she cancelled after reading my blog.   225 more words