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Don't try to reason with the unreasonable

FYI: This is the third of ten posts not related to vaccines.

I have a friend who is an amateur photographer. You may have seen some of this stuff over on… 274 more words


I learned to be an idiot

I was terrified to cross the road.

And no, not because the roads in India are basically holes with a little tar around the edges… 648 more words


Shared housing

Just don’t do it. I am so done with sharing my space and constantly cleaning up everything. I’m sick off trying to cook and being interrupted and my entire space invaded.

Don’t do it.


oh good grief

Because every other time we’ve gone in and trained “rebels” it’s turned out great…


Who's Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Got to go see a lecture by Neil deGrasse Tyson this week, and it was fantastic.  Then I I drove back home trying to find a radio station and got not one, not two, but THREE Jesus stations, a Mexican (possibly Jesus) station, and one that never got around to playing any music before I pulled in the driveway.   175 more words