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A lot of self-things. Have fun understanding.

This bunch of weekdays has certainly been eventful and while I acknowledge that I did NOT post, I also am not apologizing for it. Nor am I offering up an excuse. 475 more words

Starting off with stupidity!

I’m on my way to Matamata from Auckland at the moment. My first stop for my big trip. My holidays away from my family, in which I have enjoyed enough merry times with for the year to the extent that it gets a bit too overwhelming. 697 more words

Easy Chair

Days sink slowly behind unseen horizons,
I sit in my easy chair.
The ashtray overflows with today’s papers as
of used dialogue mock with silver tongues. 46 more words


Blame it on my travel addiction!

So I’ve started this trip I was talking about. First, the waitomo caves. It was amazing and magical, definitely worth the visit. But that’s not what this post is about. 116 more words

Remote Listening!

So now that classes have ended for the year, I find myself stuck in a bit of a rut.

Despite daily training not being as rigorous as it was when I was ‘doing more’, I seem to have found myself slumping back into that nasty rut of unproductively. 77 more words


Idle Hands Choosing

On finding any of the above conditions, you may rectify them accordingly. But if you find the fuel pressure to be normal and the driveability issues still continuing, then conduct fuel pump volume test.Fuel pump volume test: Besides delivering fuel at required pressure, it should also be able to deliver adequate volume of fuel to the engine. 310 more words

Not The Idle

I’ve been absent for a short while but it’s not for lack of working, I promise. I have been working on my post about the theme of Color in the music of Coldplay, and it’s become a larger endeavor than I think I had expected. 510 more words