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The design for Vesper, thoughts

Check out this fantastic step by step design of the Vesper app

After working on my design for the past month or so, it was very interesting to see the process of getting the execution of an idea. 123 more words


Functional category focus for culture awareness and motivation

After having sketched a set of 40 ideas for the event project I’m working for Panama City and having discussed and brainstormed the problem with my group, I divided the problem solution in categories. 854 more words


Happy Sunbathers

Ducks idly frolicking in the sunlight… Another photo from my portfolio!


Clicker Heroes: First Impression

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I was exploring the website of one of my usual games publisher looking for some casual games to play. It’s been awhile since i played these type of games.. 340 more words


Envisioning systemic effects on persons and society throughout interactive system design

Proceedings of the 7th AMC conference on designing interactive systems by Nathan L.P et al

The article starts with a preface that all design, development and deployment of interactive systems have a substantial impact on individuals and society as a whole. 479 more words


Sitting Idle

The past few months have been pretty interesting. Lots has happened and yet it seems as though nothing has. Besides having to evict a tenant, having pneumonia for more than a month, being the best friend of both parties in a relationship-gone-wrong, and dating for the first time in my life, the worst part for me is that I have not really been working for 6 months not counting odd jobs like babysitting, filling in as a receptionist once in a blue moon and construction work for my parents a few days a month. 640 more words

Five reasons for scenario-based design

A paper from the Proceedings of the 32nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (1999) by John Carroll.

Carroll explains the challenges designers face when attempting to solve problems of interaction. 500 more words