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A hike is a great way to escape the day-to-day grind and routine, and put it all in perspective — especially when that perspective is from the top of a mountain peak. 131 more words


Sad about things [more]

I’m tired. Long, productive day. I’ve been busy. Too busy maybe.

I’ve recognized my pattern of growing up. Things lose vibrancy, happy goes away, and there’s a sudden increase in bad words. 170 more words

As Japan weighs energy options, costs mount for idled reactors

Source: Reuters, by Aaron Sheldrick and Osamu Tsukimori, Apr 8, 2014

TOKYO  - Since March 2011, Japan’s government has focused on the cost of cleaning up after Fukushima, the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. 440 more words


My Top Ten Monty Python Sketches

In light of the big Monty Python reunion, and also that I like a list every now and again. I thought I would give you my own personal top ten Monty Python sketches. 73 more words

Why am I restless?

I become restless when I am idle.

A perfectly running automobile purs when it is idling. It is ready to spring into action. But I am so distracted, disoriented, disturbed when I am idle. 440 more words

My fears for my daughter

According to Canadian government statistics, Indigenous women are five times to seven times more likely than other women to die as the result of violence. The Native Women’s Association of Canada has documented more than 580 cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada, most within the last three decades.

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"But If It Isn't Who I am, Then Who Am I?"

While I have been “idle” for approximately 2 weeks now, I’ve realized it isn’t fixing anything. Being idle is almost as bad as hitting rock bottom. 943 more words