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Driving on the "right" side of the road.

A couple of years ago, I signed up for driving lessons near my university. I would go to the facilities and drive a few lapse before I attend my 8′clock classes in the morning. 277 more words


Home alone Friday nights, and barbecue Saturdays!

Moving back to a country after 14 years is a mixture of complex feelings. You get nolgastic every corner you turn, but everywhere you look just don’t seem quite the same. 357 more words


Branching animations: animating different interaction paths in a branching sequence

by Buxton, B. (2007).

This chapter gives an overview of how one can use hyperlinks in programs like Power Point to link actions and demonstrate features without delving to deep into the functionality behind them.   29 more words


Low vs high-fidelity: prototyping debate

Article by Jim Rudd, Ken Stern, Scott Isensee: Low vs High-Fidelity: Prototyping Debate (1996)

This article highlights the difference between both low and high-fidelity and the implications for interaction design. 380 more words


Introduction of the Idler

Hi, I’m Ai-Shuan. I’m a recent graduate…Let me rephrase that. Technically, I graduated in late June, so it has been for one, two… five months now. 1,063 more words


Design strategy

This post will summarize and highlight the most important ideas in chapter 3, Design Strategy, in Dan Saffer’s design for interaction (second edition).

Dan Saffer begins the chapter explaining the importance of having a good strategy for any design. 679 more words