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‘life places many obstacles in your path
you cannot afford to be one of them yourself’

& Michelangelo:
‘Every block of stone has a statue inside it… 11 more words

3 new exercises

The first one is making your joints supple. As Ido Portal puts it, you will undoubtedly fall out of a safe form during movement: landings won’t be perfect, joints will get twisted, you’ll hit something harder than you should have and so forth. 179 more words

Hangin' out

Monday came and went without too much of a hitch. Whey stuff and coffee for breakfast and chicken balls and veg for dinner.

Again being busy saved me pangs. 214 more words


I'm not warmed up yet

When approaching a maximal effort (or close to max effort) challenge like a one rep max dead-lift, something imposing an endurance demand like running a 10K race, or maybe a CrossFit type ‘metcon’ it’s almost certainly a good idea to have some kind of warm-up. 378 more words

Joseph Pilates

I do Movement

If I’m truly honest, I like to think of myself as a reasonably competent mover. That’s to say, I think that I’m fairly co-ordinated and able to move with a bit of control and grace. 1,577 more words


What is your main dogma?

Today I was listening to a super interesting podcast with movement artist Ido Portal on London Real (can be found on here). I found the most fascinating part of the interview to be a discussion about dogmas. 387 more words