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The Squat 30/30 Challenge

I’ve started to post some interesting pictures on my Facebook account showing me in a squat position. This has had people start asking me questions like: “What are you doing?”, or “Why are you doing that?”, or my favorite from my daughter “Why do you always have to be so weird?” 761 more words


30/30 challenge completed

what can I say about this challenge? Hmm. Well I can say Tuesday was the last day and Wednesday night I chose to take a day off to bed and I can say that I truly missed the challenge. 174 more words


KLLRWLLKRW: 30/30 Challenge, Day 19-21

If you are not familiar with the 30/30 Challenge you can find out more about it at

ido portal FB

I can say that I honestly underestimated the difficulty in the begining. 183 more words


Movement Log #3

The Lizard Crawl – two months post Movement-X, Sydney

The Lizard Crawl is a pattern of Locomotion popularized and refined by Ido Portal. This single quadrupedal Locomotion pattern mobilizes the scapulae, spine and hips. 20 more words