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Does 'science' apply to us?

I’ll be the first to acknowledge, if I haven’t on this platform already, that I tend to like research that reinforces my beliefs, and to dismiss that which does not. 596 more words

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How Well Do You Fall?

No one likes falling.

It has the power to unnerve, derail and destroy.

It’s painful. Makes you feel incompetent. And it takes you by surprise because you rarely see it coming. 336 more words

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She Squats, Bro*: Confronting Mobility Issues

*In her nanos, because her ankle mobility is just that good

At long last, here is Part Deux of the She Squats, Bro series. Yes this is a bit REALLY delayed, but I dunno if you saw, we’re opening CrossFit 1864 next week, so things have been manic to say the least! 1,081 more words

Check This, Bro