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What is your main dogma?

Today I was listening to a super interesting podcast with movement artist Ido Portal on London Real (can be found on here). I found the most fascinating part of the interview to be a discussion about dogmas. 387 more words

Ido Portal - Just Move | London Real

I haven’t had a chance to watch all of this yet but it looks very interesting, I’ll get to it soon. Very busy here right now, so much information streaming in & I am struggling to keep up so bare with me. 291 more words

Gymnastics, my new crush

Sports are huge part of my life and identity. In my heart there’s always one particular sport that I’m passionate about. The sport tends to change in intervals of one or two years. 327 more words

Movement Log #4 - Rediscovery of Brachiation

Brachiation is an extraordinary adaptation to an arboreal lifestyle where locomotion is below the point of support rather than above it.

During brachiation the body weight is alternately supported under each forearm. 320 more words


Genuine, Untainted, Pure = Movement

Here is a short edit of a famous climbing movie: Stone monkey… I really want to see the whole thing. I can imagine it´s very inspirational. 337 more words