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Who Am I.

You may have read my recent post Who Are You WIthout Your Phone? Well, our latest dinner table discussion probes a little further with an even more foundational, yet very basic question. 517 more words

Life In General

Mozart, Salieri, and the Idol of Work

In 1979, a fictional play by the name of Amadeus was first performed.  This story has timeless truths interwoven throughout that have affected me in a big way lately.   1,076 more words


I am a huge narcissist.

I wasn’t sure if that was really true but having taken a 40+ day hiatus from Facebook in my big quest for holiness and discipline(joking), and lets be honest, destroying the idol in my life, I am finding out just how true it really is. 961 more words

The pedestal

Mark C. Taylor writes “Sculpture’s fall from its pedestal is the artistic equivalent of the death of the transcendent God”(231). I think he is talking about both art and God in such an interchangeable way because of the significance that people tend to give to them both. 568 more words


Holy week: Is it really holy?

Roman Catholicism is influencing the world to traditionally believe that ‘holy week’ is holy by calling the week holy. But in truth is there really such a thing, when deeply rooted in it are the ungodliness of doctrines and practices, including those that are promoting and attending to them? 398 more words

Religious Deception

God is to be worshiped, not idols or images of him

God is opposed to idols, that all may know he is the only fit witness to himself. He expressly forbids any attempt to represent him by a bodily shape. 387 more words


The Second Commandment (Calvin)

You shall not make for yourself any image nor any resemblance of the things which are in the heaven above, or on the earth here below, or in the waters which are under the earth. 767 more words