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The (Backyard) Biz: shotgunshane’s Visit to EarWerkz!

Editor’s Note: shotgunshane resides right around the corner (well, in the same wheelhouse) from EarWerkz, a new custom in-ear monitor company, making it perfect to do a quick profile of the new kid on the block. 1,632 more words


Monoprice 8320 Review

A while back I bought an IEM that apparently delivers ridiculous clarity relevant to its price band, at the time of this post, it’s selling for £4.44 on Amazon UK. 416 more words


Fidue A83: A different kind of hybrid sound

Editor’s Note: Victor drops a hybrid review. Please note that the Fidue A83 was provided to CYMBACAVUM free of charge as a review sample.

Hybrid IEMs, usually with a mix of dynamic drivers for bass, and balanced armature drivers for the mids and the treble, have been around for some time now. 1,312 more words