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Mother Files Criminal Charges Against 1 Year Old

To an outsider, it looks like a normal apartment. Tidy, colourful, furniture well placed. But behind the facade of togetherness, a darkness has unfolded here, and has now made national news. 1,224 more words

Motherhood My Way

If only

If only forgetting is as easy as throwing all the physical memories.


Miss. Fix-It

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

I am not someone who believes in easy fixes. I don’t think anything works instantaneously. I can think of a couple of things that might make everything alright.

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The House on 'If Only' Avenue is Condemned and in Foreclosure

My first hubby told me many times, “You’re going to ‘what if’ yourself to death!” Fortunately, that has not happened – YET!

I would love to give you the ‘if only’ list of things that I worry about, but that would defeat the reason for this post. 377 more words

Beating Fear


We could be together. We could rule the world together.


If Only

I can’t believe I let this happen.

One moment the world is in my hand, the next I’m struggling to pick up the pieces.

She had been so very alive: her laugh tickling my ears and her smile mirroring mine. 544 more words

Short Stories

If Only

I woke up to your smile
And it phased out reality
As if we were living in a dream
If only.

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