When posting form data to an iframe, be sure to put a NAME on the FRAME!

There was a Chrome update recently that broke a web form of mine.  I had the form posting to an iframe so that I could do a file upload without having to reload the whole page.   58 more words


get parent iframe element from inner page without knowing id

Parent html

			<iframe src="test.html" hash="r4d5f7"/>
			<iframe src="test.html" hash="8f7x97"/>
			<iframe src="test.html" hash="gg4v5e"/>
			<iframe src="test.html" hash="e54f87"/>

iframe html

function getHash()   {
           var ifs = window.top.document.getElementsByTagName("iframe");
           for(var i = 0, len = ifs.length; i < len; i++)  {
              var f = ifs[i];
              var fDoc = f.contentDocument || f.contentWindow.document;
              if(fDoc === document)   {
		<h1 id="goodid">good</h1>
	<button onclick="getHash()">Click me</button>
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Find your Contacts on LinkedIn (with a little help from iFrames)

Hands up if you are using iFrames that pass entity fields as parameters in your Mobile CRM?

My guess is, not many hands are raised right now. 383 more words

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