Automatic Resize of Embedded/Inline Visualforce pages

I’m pretty sure at one time or another, most of us developers have made a sweet inline visualforce page that lives on the object detail page. 403 more words


(아프칸) 여성차별 관습

(아프가니스탄) 여성차별 관습

젊은 아프칸 여성인 소헤일러(Soheila)의 애절한 결혼이야기를 보면서, 세상에 이런 남녀차별 관습이 여전히 존재한다는 사실에 많이 놀랍습니다. 이 여성은 어린 나이에 70세 남성과의 강제결혼(몸종?)을 당하고, 몇년뒤 사랑하는 젊은 남성과 도주하여, 숨어서 3년반을 지내며 아이 낳고 잘 살고 있다가 발각되어, 간통죄로 6년 형을 받고, 감옥살이를 합니다. 15 more words


IFRAME: A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (&)

IFRAME Querystring Error for & Operator

You’re not supposed to be using IFrames anymore these days, but some major applications still use them extensively, such as Microsoft’s own CRM. 201 more words


How to embed a youtube video in your ebay listings

If you have tried embedding a video in your eBay listings then you will have seen the iframe error message telling you that you are not allowed to embed iframes in ebay listings and therefore cannot embed a youTube video. 93 more words


Drag and Drop using Selenium

These days’ front-end developers are heavily using drag and drop functionality to make their websites / applications more interactive, where users can easily select items just to drag and drop. 237 more words