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I went to the National Museum  in December 2013 because of a talk on textile preservtion by Vietnamese museum experts. After the talk, I wandered around the same floor–I think that was on the 3rd floor- and was amazed at the Philippine textile permanent exhibition. 224 more words

Double Edged Blade

My Ifugao host uses this dagger of primitive design as household tool (I saw it near the kitchen). Looks like an appropriate tool to kill small animals for food or for ritual purposes. 106 more words


Rice Terraces of the Philippines: A Millennial Heritage

Rice is the staple food of most Asian countries including the Philippines. Rice  can be steamed partnered with a viand (Ulam in Filipino); can be made into  noodles or  various rice cake recipes like “suman” and “bibingka”  or be used in porridges like  “champorado”. 261 more words


Banaue Snapshots: Town Center

Banaue town center as the commerce hub of the municipality.