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God's Love (MAYOYOA, IFUGAO: Bible NT)


John 3:16

16  Ti otong hini pamhod Apo Jos hay hana tatakhu ay tay lota. Hijaot una impa-ali hini oh-ohha an Empfalay na ta an amin hana mamati ay hija ja achi cha ma-utaw ta un chaot mi’takhu hi ma-id chi pogpogna.


Banaue - Batad 42km Trail Marathon

On the 24th August 2014 I participated in the Banaue – Batad Marathon. This was a 42km mixed trail and road race that went through the beautiful scenery of the Banaue and Batad rice terraces, as well as the spectacular Tapiyah falls. 1,261 more words


SAGADA: Where the Earth Meets the Heavens

The Philippines is blessed with 36,000 kilometers of beautiful coastline ranging from beaches, natural harbors, cliffs and even lush mangroves. But inasmuch as the country takes pride in its awe-inspiring nexus of sea and land, its highlands boast of an even more grandiose nexus of land and sky. 1,686 more words


For Marvin


I asked my dad if he recalled what his father said to him before he left home to study in the city. He paused thoughtfully and then chuckling in sudden recognition and amusement repeated the saying: “Nangamung-a.” … 377 more words

Batad, Banaue, Ifugao: The Wonder of Batad Rice Terraces

Secluded from the rest of lowland Luzon, the ethic Filipinos  known as Ifugaos living in the highlands of Cordillera mountain ranges has learned to sustain their need for rice by building the mindblowing and amazing rice terraces carved out  of the mountain slopes about 2000 years ago. 144 more words



Back in Design Studio 2 class last semester, we had to design casual outfits, cocktail dresses, and long gowns that would match the clay accessory we made inspired by the historical articles we saw at the Ayala Museum. 50 more words

Tiffany Anne Firmeza