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Five Things one should know about Ikenga

What is Ikenga?

Ikenga is a ‘ritual object’ (commonly found in Igbo family shrines), which on an individual basis represents ‘masculine strength’ and the ‘ability to achieve one’s goals through one’s efforts’. 494 more words

Jobs in Zambisa

Our youths are lost to the talliban of the north
When will hunter find for us this straying birds
Dig the floor; enter in million or put a ban… 184 more words


Why the Nigerian masses must unite now!

About 47 innocent kids recently bombed in their school by a suicide bomber, families wishing their kids didn’t go to school on that day, students and teachers traumatized, experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, having flashes of the event, dead bodies being carried off, blood splattered everywhere, dismembered body parts, the cries of trauma and helplessness and the next day Mr. 541 more words



The world so high
Trees will, but not reach its apex.
The water so dip
Bricks will not fill its lowest.
Created and managed
In a sense, not open to critics. 233 more words


Living Under the Patriarchy II

‘Your father is dead.” Did he say my father wants to speak to me? Sometimes the old man uses other people’s phones to call me because he thinks I won’t take his calls. 480 more words


The Scourge (Part 4)

Emeka picked up the rifle that had nearly killed him, from the spot where it leaned against the wall, as he came out of the house. 1,439 more words