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LOVE OF MY LIFE SERIES; Imaobong and Kola

Of all the things I looked forward to in Jos, finding a husband was certainly not one of them. Hi, my name is Ima and this is my story. 462 more words


Stuff i had been wanting to say #1 [Your point of difference is your 'Market']

          Yeah yeah yeah…so i started work at this place…and i love my boss. Never seen one quite like him. Very open…i would be surprised to feel scared or pressure around him. 425 more words



Its late in the evening

You can hear voices downstairs on the street

Store owners are packing their wares

Passersby hurrying to get to their various destinations before night fall, cars honking to get pass… 111 more words

Nobody needs to tell a deaf person that the market is on fire.!!!

Nobody needs to tell a deaf person that the market is on fire! #Igbo Proverb, #Nigeria

Posted by Damian @8wDee.com.


My Dear Tribalist

This Arguement has been on long before Nigeria’s independence. It seemed to climax during the Biafran War/ Nigerian Civil War, after that it just became something we all “got used to.” Whether it is the argument that “Yorubas are dirty”, “Igbos are Money-centric”, “Hausas are dull” or even “Edos are all witches” we have all heard them before. 342 more words


Elephant shit.

I thought it would be nice to start this blog off with one of my favorite short stories written by yours truly.

                                                         Elephant shit

The smell of elephant dung and blood lingers in the stiff air, attracting a multitude of mosquitoes. 402 more words

Vocabulary Lesson #2

Well, I haven’t quite achieved my goal of being able to converse in Pidgin, but I have picked up some key phrases in Pidgin and Igbo over the last few weeks. 173 more words