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October 1st

Happy New Month peeps.

Hol’up, it was just new year’s eve though 😐 worriz going on here or am I the only one October sneaked up on like that? 362 more words

Why should God bless Nigeria?

“God bless Nigeria” oh yes, he has. The common phrase we use to excuse our individual need for attitudinal change, our misplaced priorities as a nation, the real cost of our selfish tendencies, our resistance to change, misplaced values, lethargy to national progress, and the outcome of our collective failure. 744 more words


Guess who's Back!!!!!

Days have passed;
Weeks have seeped into months,
And I’m back.
Did you miss me;
Did you think about me when I was gone?
This time; I’m here to stay, 9 more words


Benjamin Adekunle and Igbo noisemakers by Lasisi Olagunju

The death of frontline Nigerian civil war hero, Brigadier-General Benjamin Adekunle, two Saturdays ago and the necessary reactions that followed it have thrown up once again the need to answer the Nigerian question: should Nigeria remain one eternally indivisible entity? 1,053 more words


Ikemba Organization Presents: Igbo Day Saturday October 11th

Founded in 2011 in Philadelphia, The Ikemba Organization is a new generation Igbo diaspora organization focused on promoting cultural awareness and solidarity. To this end, Ikemba is hosting its first ever Igbo Day Celebration which will include a lecture series by Dr.  85 more words

Breaking the Kola

God our tryst maker
Our lover and He who knows all
Chineke m, ke bi nigwe!
Maker of the Universe
He whom fetches water with a basket… 288 more words

Republic of BIAFRA is a REALITY!

Press Conference :

Republic of BIAFRA is a REALITY!

“What had started as a belief was transmuted to total conviction; that they could never again live with Nigerians. 6,566 more words