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Breaking the Kola

God our tryst maker
Our lover and He who knows all
Chineke m, ke bi nigwe!
Maker of the Universe
He whom fetches water with a basket… 288 more words

Republic of BIAFRA is a REALITY!

Press Conference :

Republic of BIAFRA is a REALITY!

“What had started as a belief was transmuted to total conviction; that they could never again live with Nigerians. 6,566 more words


The chewing stick is the first person to know the secret of the mouth!!!

The chewing stick is the first person to know the secret of the mouth. #Igbo Proverb, #Nigeria

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Igbo's have benefitted in my administration- Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has applauded the attention his administration is giving the Igbo, whom he said, are well represented in his government and are being appointed to positions which no previous administrations ever gave them. 452 more words


Igbo Proverbs

No matter how deep you dive into water to eat banana, the skin will surface.

You don’t have to tell a deaf man that war has broken out. 119 more words


LOVE OF MY LIFE SERIES; Imaobong and Kola

Of all the things I looked forward to in Jos, finding a husband was certainly not one of them. Hi, my name is Ima and this is my story. 462 more words


Stuff i had been wanting to say #1 [Your point of difference is your 'Market']

          Yeah yeah yeah…so i started work at this place…and i love my boss. Never seen one quite like him. Very open…i would be surprised to feel scared or pressure around him. 425 more words