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The Vegan Cheese Revolution Is Nigh


It’s one of those stories that’s bound to circulate the net in the modern day equivalent of one of those “and finally…” stories they have at the end of the TV news. 206 more words

The Future Of Food

Biotechnology – What role can synthetic biology have?

When we started our search for an idea a fellow team member (I think it was Håkon) once said “We can create something that is only thought to be seen in sci-fi…” 512 more words

How Do You Define Success?

This is an important question and I feel grateful every time it comes up. It forces me to ponder anew the slippery yet ubiquitous nature of success. 637 more words


Here is the official release of out crowd funding campaign! You can donate here

Why we need funding?

iGEM requires all the teams to fund all of there costs in order to make this project happen. 133 more words


DIYBio Group Making "Real Vegan Cheese"

A team of DIYBio enthusiasts are currently working on a project to make “real vegan cheese” using synthetic biology. The team is made up of members of Counter Culture Labs and BioCurious, DIYBio labs in Oakland and Sunnyvale, respectively. 619 more words


Crowdfunding for UCSC iGEM project

The UCSC undergraduate team for the iGEM synthetic biology competition have put up a crowd-funding web site to try to raise the money they need for their contest entry. 240 more words

York iGEM team set to tackle pollution

By Ellie Davis

It can be hard to find hands on experience in scientific research, particularly before you have a degree. The answer to this – as far-fetched as it sounds – might be to do your own research. 557 more words