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Dave Bidini: Read this column, get an autographed T-shirt

Rock and roll’s Iggy Pop — the Iggmesiter, and former Stooge — made news recently when he expressed the frustration of musicians having to forfeit record sales royalties, and general income, in light of the 21st-century’s file-sharing scourge. 1,079 more words


15. Napkin Diary For October 2014

Wednesday, 22nd October

Today I heard the best thing I’ve heard in ages – Iggy Pop’s Peel Lecture.

You would not regret listening to this, it’s on the iplayer. 28 more words


Hold Fast with Iggy Pop

Sailor Jerry Rum and Iggy Pop (yes, that Iggy, the one from The Stooges) have collaborated to create a badass flash collection.

In true Sailor Jerry fashion (no pun intended), a celebration was had in Miami last night where Iggy perfomed. 16 more words

The Extra Tokens

Cover Song Thursday: Raw Power by Guns 'n Roses

Guns ‘n Roses’ Spaghetti Incident? album served as a bookend for the classic lineup of the band, and it’s hard to find a least fitting way to put an end to one of the brightest burning stars of the rock world than this. 100 more words


Does commercialism damage art?

If you haven’t watched Iggy Pop’s ‘John Peel Lecture’ from last week, I highly recommend you do. Granted, I hadn’t watched it until yesterday during one of our classes, but it’s definitely worth watching and I plan on watching it again shortly. 1,099 more words


Auditive Fright Day 23

Halloween, the most exciting day (or should I say night?) of them all is upon us. Let’s have some fun shall we? During this most bone-chilling month I shall post a new horror-themed music video clip every single day for you ghouls and ghoulettes to enjoy. 22 more words