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From near miss to victory

You nearly consumed my day with sorrow.

I prepared for you.  I dressed myself in the most beautiful of things.  I allowed myself to imagine how you would receive me. 299 more words


Dab Lore

Deny yourself no thing,
Unless you desire
To die a fool,
Not knowing.


I'm a prepper, he's a prepper, wouldn't you like to be a prepper too?

I’m on a Facebook group for preppers…OK,OK I’m on several groups for different things I enjoy, or want to learn about, or want to see what other people say or think. 584 more words

Nourished Physically

A rookie on a bike

In December, when the idea was first floated, it sounded like a lot of fun. Me, Cat, Harry. Our bikes, our tents, our bags. Cycling up through Swaziland and back into South Africa, in time for me to catch a flight home to start the new job in August. 195 more words

South Africa Life

Ignorance is bliss...

Planning training hikes… How do u plan for a 2600+ hike? Fucking crazy!?!?!?

i believe u just do it, ignorance is bliss- ignorance is safe? Idk how to feel:  scared, brave, stupid, adventurous, living, escaping, what are my feelings?   26 more words

Buddha dunno

I said earlier that I wasn’t interested in presenting English sayings that had been translated into Japanese. This one falls close to that category, but sufficiently distinct that I feel it’s worth talking about. 255 more words


Ignorance is Bliss

It was only two days ago I finally came to the conclusion of what the term “Ignorance is Bliss” meant. After finishing my first exam today, and waving a sigh of relief, I went off and played on my flute my Taffanel and Gaubert Scales and Marcel Moyse scales without a care in the world. 428 more words