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Abilities Lost and Found

“To be or not to be. That is the question.”

It is the opening of Act III of William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. Admittedly, it is taking dubious license to reapply this to the plight of multiple sclerosis, but it would seem “nobler” to take the path toward positive thinking rather than “suffer the slings and arrows” of MS. 476 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

"Saving Christmas" - An Uninformed Review Based Soley On Pictures I Found On Google

Anyone older than 30 remembers Kirk Cameron for his portrayel of Mike Seaver on the late 80s sitcom “Growing Pains”.  Anyone under 30 remembers him as the quasi-celebrity who found Jesus and went insane.   582 more words

Movie Review

Better Not to Know

Alexander Pope was a strange little man – a four-foot six hunchback – but he could turn a phrase. A little learning really is a dangerous thing. 3,243 more words


Fix It & Move On

Panicking about my problems isn’t going to fix them… neither is feeling bad about them… & neither is ignoring them.

If I have a problem, there is only one Right thing to do about it… fix it! 69 more words

The Beauty in a Lump of Coal

When asked what I would do if I hit the lottery, my answer has always been the same: I would be a perpetual student. I would enroll in school and thoroughly study every area that interests me; not because I want a list of degrees nor out of a desire to make money with those degrees, but because I find knowledge empowering and intoxicating. 336 more words

Kids with Guns (1)

When I wrote about the Marysville School Shooting two weeks ago, I discovered this list on school shootings on Wikipedia and it fascinated me endlessly. 159 more words


Unspirational Quotes

Your best work is always behind you. You just missed it.

If at first you don’t succeed, realize you were never good at what you were trying to do anyway, give up, and go sit in the dark. 487 more words