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Ignore-ance is Bliss

I’ve never liked the saying, “ignorance is bliss.” I’ve always quested after the truth, so ignorance seems like a paltry way of living, though many people seem to cultivate the state. 460 more words


Learning Pain's Name

I started a new role at my work approximately 3 months ago. Where I work there is a lot of movement and I am the 3rd person backfilling the role this year. 678 more words


Why People Fail to Recognise their Own Incompetence

An interesting topic. I will collect a few views and examine the results.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.—Confucius


Successful negotiation of everyday life would seem to require people to possess insight about deficiencies in their intellectual and social skills.

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Someone Else's Life and the Bliss in Ignorance

Watching a loved one suffer and die of a fatal disease is something, I think, that’s too hard to bear. But Rosie was brave enough to witness it all – her mom’s deteriorating health as the Huntington’s disease slowly zapped the life out of her. 385 more words


The Reason

Now there are many reasons for creating this blog but there’s one that stands out more than any of the other reasons and that reason is… 502 more words

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss

Harry peered into the heavens with his 8 inch Celestron. It wasn’t the biggest telescope that he had ever used. Having gotten his Masters degree in astronomy, he had used a few “real” telescopes. 374 more words


The post where I defend a murderous, incestuous man.

“Alas, alas! It seems that I have just cast myself unknowing under terrible curses!” (Oedipus Rex, lines 772–73)

Oedipus is upset; understandably so. Our tragic hero has just discovered that he “unknowing” fulfilled a horrifying prophecy—that he would kill his father and sleep with his mother.

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