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The Ignorance of Bliss and Blue Socks

Actually, this is a painting of how my memory sees Rose and I looking out the December window of my cozy hovel during courtship some 18 years ago. 474 more words

Ignorance is bliss?

I’m not sure if it’s better to feign ignorance or actually be ignorant. Each option has an appeal, but the latter one is terrifyingly powerful. If I were ignorant, like a baby for example, how happy would my life be? 76 more words

“In the eyes of others a individual is only capable of what they have demonstrated. Until that same individual decides to display their full potential, the others will REMAIN INCREDIBLY IGNORANT!”

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Rap as Poetry

A rabid rabbit breaking the habit, in a dense abyss of wilderness
Young kid without a wish looking to the wind and takin a piss… 160 more words


Ignorance is Bliss 2

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Deciding to go ahead and bite the bullet on the superhero thing felt like the right decision, even if I felt pushed into it by guilt and circumstance. 8,191 more words