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Motherfucker if I’m useless so are fucking you. Don’t tell me to do something I have no responsibility over like do you even fucking think? It’s not my responsibility so don’t fucking call me out for it you little bitch. 35 more words


Ignorant people

Oh my gosh! Do some people not think? Is it that hard to show common curtesy? No its not!

Okay so the start to this post was maybe a little more aggressive than usual but I’ve really had it up to here (making a line above my head with my hand) with ignorant people. 428 more words


Day 56 - #100 days of happiness

Yesterday night I had a mouthful of lamb off mummy’s plate and then took an antihistamine.
Most people feel drowsy after an antihistamine.
I didn’t at all and I didn’t go to bed until a out eleven last night. 123 more words


Hallway Clots

**I wrote this a while back and completely forgot to post it! I am no longer in high school, but I’m sure current students and teachers can understand my pain here. 497 more words