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What does one have to do to renounce "the religion of the ignorant"?

The way to be saved from this system built on the denial of Allah is, first and foremost, to seek the approval of Allah alone and to try to strictly practice the morals and the way of life He presents to us in the Qur’an. 42 more words

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What is "the religion of the ignorant?"

Do they then seek the judgement of the Time of Ignorance? Who could be better at giving judgement than Allah for those whose faith is steadfast?  193 more words

Islamic Questions

Pick Up Your Garbage Chump

One of the things that really irritates me is when people throw their garbage on the ground or out the window of their car. Hello, this isn’t the ’50′s-’80′s anymore… 355 more words


The Price of Stupidity

When you talk to people about topics other than drugs, sex, or alcohol, have you ever felt like you were one of the adults from… 1,078 more words


Ignorant People (Part 1)

[[ Part 1 since there will be many, many more because there are just too many ignorant people. ]]

I’m an Indian-American. No, not a Native American. 520 more words

when did people stop paying attention to history

I went to see the movie Pompeii the other week. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t bad. The thing that shocked me the most was how many times I heard people say, “I wasn’t expecting it to end that way!” What?!? 43 more words