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Natural Hair Talk: Who You Talkin' Bout?

So I saw this on Facebook the other day…

And I thought to myself… oh hell no!

Now, I have to preface this conversation by saying that I went to this school. 285 more words

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Why Black Liberals are ignorant: Check the schools

This is from The Black Sphere.

It is important to the DemocRat party that black liberals remain ignorant so they will endorse and vote for DemocRats. 468 more words

Don't Write Non-Rhyming Poems

Take a look at this:

Leaves fall from the trees and I
am walking on the sidewalk.
I picked up a ladybug off the
pavement. It was red. 65 more words


Slaps in the Face

Slaps  in the Face

How well we know  that a  “slap  in the face”  is an expression  of total insult  to put down  a person  —  to defy  and defiantly abuse them  with the utmost disdain.     581 more words



If I was ignorant I would have many friends
If I was ignorant I would still be friends with all those guys
If I was ignorant I would still be in love with you… 49 more words


Why Treating People Like People is Better than Acting Like you're Above them

We all know it’s important to make a good impression at a job interview. If you don’t, you probably aren’t going to get the job. You’re supposed to dress nicely, be on time (some people say you should be X minutes early), ask certain questions, etc. 1,732 more words


Part 2 of - i'll expose your incompetence

So here we go again, after receiving my email this wise one sent out the following: — for those who are reading this post for the first time, please refer to my previous post titled : I will expose your incompetence.  179 more words

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