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ignorance is bliss

I met an old friend last weekend and he was coming with his 4-year-old son. Do you know what’s so special about kids? They are honest. 170 more words


It was never in my plan, and I know I have to compose myself. He would be upset if I broke down in front of him right now. 386 more words

Arab / Israeli Conflict - The Easiest Problem to Understand

Sometimes, being a better man requires us to be educated, instead of ignorant, on certain issues.  There were times in our history where regular guys discussed and debated the important cultural/political issues of the day during, and after, the dinner meal, at bars, in the office, etc..   471 more words

Better Self

Warroad Warriors.

If you’d like to read about this ridiculous coalition that is threatening not only the Warroad Warriors but other pride rich communities in the United States, … 79 more words

What the Hell is Happening in Missouri?

Why the hell is this shit in Missouri still happening in 2014? This is happening all over, nation and world wide. Innocent people are dying just because their race, their nationality, their religion, their sexuality, the clothes they wear, their gender. 71 more words


A False Prophet!

I left this blog up and running and began a new one, because I thought the new one might undue some of the damage to others the old one had created and has still been creating. 475 more words

Truth & Life

Throwing away the key

In an empty room miles away

You shout for everyone to come near

In a green room with everyone tapping at the window and smearing the glass… 67 more words