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Bliss comes from ignorance, but if that holds true, of what am I ignorant?

I feel well-informed and well versed about almost everything, of what am I ignorant? 145 more words


Tea Party candidate gets Constitution wrong -- what a surprise!

Calling a mass shooting an “unfortunate accident” — gets you NRA buck$ for sure

Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst may wish to brush up on her high school civics.

156 more words

A monologue from the wrong path!

The latest bunch of sweet scoldings I have been getting from my mom include (frequently) that my priorities aren’t set. And yesterday I happened to ponder over it! 349 more words


I shouldn't tell people how I feel.

Yesterday I told my MIL that I was stressed out and depressed. She had the nerve to say “I don’t see why you’re depressed, a lot of people have it way worse than you.” That is the last time I am open with her about my emotions. 87 more words

A student is not above his teacher

Interesting, it is not about the student suddenly shifting gears and zooming ahead. It is not about the student sprouting wings and heading past the teacher. 82 more words

Parenting Award

Ok well i am getting ready for work and just heard one more thing on the news that just makes me want physically mutilate some parents. 202 more words

Keeping It Real

Weird Fact Of The Day 07/25/2014

Contrary to popular belief, Michelle Bachmann does not spout hateful and idiotic things because she is a fervently religious person. She does it because she is an insane, ignorant and blatantly stupid religious person. 17 more words

Weird Fact Of The Day