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Day 160- Travel Plans

Today, I relaxed at home. I got Administratored for an hour or so, where she said some pretty disagreeable things about people with speech defects and differing dialects than her own. 165 more words

Daily Log

Brazil vs Argentina: The Iguaçu Falls

We left Brazil the scenic way – through the Iguaçu Falls into Argentina. The Cataratas (falls) are formed by the Rio Iguaçu, which thunders into a massive 80 metre crevasse dividing the two countries – creating one of the world’s natural wonders. 1,417 more words

South America

Iguazu or Iguassu Falls in the rain and the dry

We’d allocated two days to visit Iguazu falls. One day to visit the Argentinian side and another to cross the border and visit the Brazilian side. 114 more words


Brazil, Argentina- Iguazu Falls

One day a volcano erupted. Lava poured and then cooled and stopped flowing and became cold and quite hard. Forward a few million years and a large river came to run over the lava. 1,054 more words

My Trip to the Tropical Paradise of Foz do Iguaçu (Iguaçu Falls)

Over the summer of 2014 I got the opportunity to visit Foz do Iguaçu in the state of Parana, Brazil.

There are plenty of stuff to do there but I would not recommend staying there for longer than 4 days (unless you intend to adventure into Argentina or Paraguay for a few extra days). 948 more words


You say Iguazú, I say Iguaçu

Whoops. Looks like we got a tad carried away adventuring and forgot to write up our travels. Where were we? Iguazú? Wow, we’re in Argentina now, we’ve hit the southernmost point of the continent (more or less) and are already coming back up. 518 more words


My very first visitor

I am very excited because today my brother is arriving from the states for a 10 day visit. It’s his first time in Brazil so naturally we have a lot of fun stuff planned. 189 more words

Catching Up