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Iguana's in space

Something about the idea of Iguana’s in space sounded like a good idea to me. There are so many different directions I might go. I’ll be playing with this idea more, and keep you posted. 12 more words


Want a better idea of the state of Scotland’s referendum on independence? Ignore the news and look at the windaes.

Look around. What do you see?

For a while what I was seeing confused me. I saw windae after windae with ‘Yes’ signs, and they’re only increasing in frequency, yet I saw no ‘Better Together’ or ‘No Thanks’ signs, until this week. 1,461 more words


Iguana 29 Superyacht Tender By Iguana Yachts by Yacht Blog

The striking Iguana 29 superyacht tender has been produced by Iguana Yachts, based mostly in Caen, Normandy, France. This progressive, elegant and fast boat represents the ultimate amphibious tender, offered in 3 lines: Unique, Classic and Adventure. 23 more words

Cuvier's Oplure ...

The Anjajavy webpage burbles thus …

The forest sheltering rosewoods and baobabs is home to many animal species such as the famous Verreau lemur (Coquerel’s Sifaka), birds of paradise, the chameleon, the Cuvier oplure (a type of iguana)…

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Fishy Fact No.14

Marine Iguanas graze on algae

Marine iguanas have blunter heads than most lizards, this allows them to tear seaweed from rocks more easily whilst they use their sharp claws as anchors

Fishy Fact

The Abandonded Igunana

When I was in elementary school the 3rd grade teacher had a pet Iguana she brought to school with her every so often. She had a terrarium set up in her classroom where he would spend the day, coming out on the rare occasion. 713 more words

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I try and have a lot of public photos on my Facebook profile so that if I go missing, with 900 odd pictures, the public has the best possible chance of finding me. 207 more words