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It has been so long now. It has been so long that my fingers find the touch of the pen almost alien to the cold epidermis stretched over them. 443 more words



Underground music comprises musical genres beyond mainstream culture. Any song that is not being legally commercialized is considered underground. Such music may tend to express common ideals, such as high regard for sincerity and intimacy, freedom of creative expression as opposed to the highly formulaic composition of commercial music, and appreciation of artistic individuality as opposed to conformity to current mainstream trends. 423 more words


Becoming A Princess!

Once upon a time, we all aimed to princesses in our lives and find our true love thanks to the dreamy movies Disney created. And even if the beauty (inner one as well!) of our beloved princesses hasn’t diminished with the newest entries like Elsa and Anna from Frozen and Aurora from Maleficent, the definition of true love, for sure, has changed, thanks to growing feminism. 200 more words


I met him today

I met him today.

Everything seemed the same;
And yet he was a different man now
Or had I changed?
Or may be, my thoughts have been languishing… 93 more words


Climbing Up the Success Ladder

All of us want to be successful in life. However, what most people miss out on understanding is that success comes from within. So here are a few tips on improving oneself intrinsically. 337 more words


Cause-Effect Relationships - The ToC Way

This article has been adapted from the bestselling book Critical Chain by Dr. Eli M. Goldratt, an internationally recognized industry guru and the originator of the Theory of Constraints (or ToC). 1,361 more words


Is Market Share still a Competitive Edge?

If you are hearing to a strategy class in any of the B-schools, you are bound to get past this framework which talks of cows, dogs, cash and finally a question mark. 312 more words

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