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Suicide Note

We don’t value little things in our life and “Dude I just want to die!” is passed off as a casual remark. These suicide notes show how ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS the inside of our heads sound every time we contemplate this. 651 more words


Stay Hungry Stay Foolish!!

This book is a compilation of the stories of 25 IIM- Ahmedabad graduates who opted to tread on the rough paths of entrepreneurship and successfully built new businesses and organizations. 288 more words

Book Review

The Secret behind a Smile

Smiling is a form of expression that all of us see, but very few of us actually observe.

Ever thought of how much a simple smile can hide from you? 259 more words


CAT'14 - Normalization Demystified!!

Is the Normalization process “normally” understood by everyone? Let me try to put some light on how it works.  The IIMs have not mentioned any formula stating how it will actually normalize. 1,154 more words


The Pleasures of Humble Cuisine- The Italian Frittata

The Italian word frittata derives from frigerre meaning “fried”. The frittata is a quintessential example of cucina povera or humble cuisine, the simple and rustic style of which is adored by every one of us inherently. 609 more words


HOW important is marketing?

What is the main aim of a company? Sales. The most important thing for this, is obviously to have good customers. In order to connect with the customers and gain their trust, marketing is the most important part of the entire process that goes on in a company. 359 more words


Bring Sandals Back

It’s November! It’s that time of the month when us cool people a.k.a. university goers are more inclined to be… selective participants… in activities that forms what we all call life. 262 more words