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IIMs, IIITs and central varsities still headless

The NDA government has a major task ahead of it — finalising the appointments to various key institutions of higher learning.

Three Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), 10 Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT) and 12 Central universities are headless with the human resource development (HRD) ministry yet to give its final approval to the appointments despite all the formalities for their selection completed a few months ago. 205 more words


Reasons I have not watched TFIOS yet

The Fault in Our Stars is a personal thing. It is meant to make you feel and cry, PRIVATELY. But when this cry becomes an outcry, I have a problem. 358 more words


All is not well

While all might be seemingly alright with the world, one can’t help but smell the stench of “all is not well” after all. There shall always be this dichotomy, the dichotomy between what is and what could be, between what was and what is. 485 more words


Inner beauty and other shit ugly people say

Rants of a female model

People become doctors, people become engineers, people slog their asses off doing things they don’t understand and they get respect because they worked for it. 502 more words


Simple to Suave


No matter what time it is, Pasta is one dish no one would refuse. Specially when it looks so mouthwatering!

We present to you the easiest way to make Pasta, something you should totally try this coming holiday season. 180 more words



An anecdote

Small decisions can save a life. This might sound a bit exaggerated. Believe me, by the time you finish reading this, it’ll make complete sense. 2,052 more words



It has been so long now. It has been so long that my fingers find the touch of the pen almost alien to the cold epidermis stretched over them. 443 more words