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Tricks And Tips For Acing The IIT JEE Entrance Exam

Besides scoring fairly good percentage in your 12th board examinations, for all you students interested in taking up engineering for graduation must aim at recognized names including IIT and NIT. 441 more words

Crack IIT JEE Mains And Advanced

Could IITs Help Engineers Embrace The Humanities?

AsianScientist (Aug. 6, 2014) – The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are known worldwide for producing top engineers. Their undergraduate programs in various branches of engineering across 16 IITs in different parts of the country admit just about two percent of all applicants, making them among the toughest in the world to gain admission into. 802 more words

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Physics question that bugged me for a long time

Consider a long, straight wire of cross-sectional area A carrying a current i. Let there be n free electrons per unit volume. An observer places himself on a trolley moving in the direction opposite to the current with a speed v=i/nAe and separated from the wire by a distance r. 85 more words

Could IITs Help Engineers Embrace The Humanities?

Asian scientist | By Pushkar | Editorials | August 6, 2014.

IITs do have existing humanities and social science programs, but could do more to offer a comprehensive education, Dr. 851 more words

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Learning through video from IIT Professors

Students in select engineering colleges in the country are now taking lessons through video from professors of the Indian Institute of Technology and senior company executives under a project. 144 more words

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