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There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that when the instructor has an active research program and several years of relevant industrial experience, and when such an instructor is able to bring a good mix of concepts and applications to the classroom, then students do sit up and pay attention. 227 more words


How not to get abducted by aliens in an IIT (#2)

Before reading this, i would recommend that you read the previous post as it is a continuation to that, and would make a tiny bit more sense. 869 more words


Students of IIT Madras become saviours for the differently-abled

CHENNAI: Students of Centre of Innovation (CFI) at IIT Madras are set to launch a cost effective device called Touch Talk that aids growth of communication skills in children affected with cerebral palsy and autism. 312 more words


Before we delve any deeper, we must recognize why the handle #UG@IIT is such a hot potato. The IITs are different from leading universities in the West in that their claim to fame is based almost entirely on the success of their alumni, especially the UGs. 707 more words


How it all began?

So here it is, the official blog of Thomso or Thomso 2014 to be more precise.
Now we too were tired of finding fachhes (A ’fachha’ is a freshman in IIT lingo) to put yet another poster after a seemingly never ending lot and of course, spamming people’s notifications bar with endless posts shared on our own timeline from Thomso’s facebook page (considering you have ‘liked’ the page that it is, do that if you haven’t!) further more repeating the process passionately. 339 more words


Before An Exam

It’s already Thursday!

My mind seems to be screaming in trepidation; I have to give my GRE 4 days from now.Time seems to have flown in between juggling office work and studying for the exam. 323 more words

About ME

The IIT Conundrum

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) frequently attract media attention, sometimes favorable, but of late more often critical. However, much of the coverage in the media — both mass and social — is blighted by rank ignorance, bias, and plain bad reporting. 557 more words