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My First IKEA Hack

I’m not exactly sure how I made into my 30’s without ever buying anything from IKEA, but here we are. I grew up going to auctions, so whenever I needed a specific piece of furniture, off to the auctions I went! 467 more words


Stop Motion Camera Rig - Camera Slider

I wanted to be able to do smooth incremental pans with my camera, so I devised this camera slider that operates by turning a big knob at one end that is attached to a threaded rod. 124 more words

Stop Motion

Tarva Nightstand IKEA Hack

I recently moved into a new apartment. Naturally, this provided me with a lot of opportunity to create and decorate. For the first time in my life, our bedroom is big enough to allow for matching bedside tables. 523 more words


IKEA FADO Lamp Turned Jack-o-Lantern

I can be a bit of a Halloween traditionalist, you guys. I like my October nights lit by the faces of Jack-o-lanterns and I like those Jack-o-lantern faces to be classic. 184 more words


"Mummy, do you have any important work for us?"

I have nothing but important work for Zoey and Nomi. I value their input and help which is why Zoey asked, and I told them they could roll the dough for the pie lids. 248 more words


Ikea Hack: Balcony Herb Garden

When you live in a city, space is at a premium. I suppose Angelenos might have a little more space to move around than our Yankee friends, but we all have to work with what we’ve got, until we move to the valley and trade in our balconies and hip corner bars for patches of grass and dirty liquor stores.   197 more words


IKEA Lack Train Table Hack

Dear Thomas the Tank Engine,

You and your toy train tracks are very confusing, overwhelming, expensive, and somehow they are always scattered around my house. You’re very lucky my son is obsessed with you. 513 more words

Being Thrifty