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Day Forty-Nine

Three Things I Learned:

1. In Japan, IKEA is pronounced “e-kay-ah“, not the American “aye-key-yuh“.

2. The second Monday of October is Japanese “Health and Sports Day” which celebrates the anniversary of Japan hosting the Olympics. 19 more words


Lampshade from Ikea

The lampshade on the desk next to my bed had assumed a new and unique configuration. It was old and falling apart. So what I did was to swing by Ikea a couple of das back and picked up a new lampshade. 47 more words



So this week:

It’s a little blurry I must say. And no thats not because I have spent it hungover, or drunk. I think it’s because I’ve spent the majority of it either at university or catching up on my sleep like an old women. 212 more words


Mediation between IKEA and teamsters set to resume tomorrow

Veteran mediator Vince Ready is set to resume negotiations between IKEA and the Teamsters Union tomorrow in an effort to reach a collective agreement between the two parties. 79 more words


Day Four Conversations at IKEA

So, everyone on a quest needs to have an accomplice and mine has just returned after travelling.   So kill the fatted calf, call the village together we are going to have a party! 250 more words


Living the home decor catalog life/ Vivre comme dans les catalogues de déco

Most of us have recieved a couple of weeks ago the furniture bible, the Ikea catalog. I take pleasure in looking at these catalogs, after all, they are supposed to give you ideas and show you what a product would look like in real life. 1,188 more words


Style Bargains: Chic Hagrid Cloak

Hope ya’ll had an amazing week and revived your ailing, stressed riddled bodies (I definitely needed to break out a sweat). I’ve been trying to boost my energy levels with some chocolate and clementines; does wonders. 279 more words