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THE RAID 2 Review - ***

The Raid 2 is the sort of film that really irritates me. It’s the kind of film that will demand the state of the art in technical terms–the action scenes are astounding to say the least–yet will settle for a story that’s predictable, cliched, and reminiscent of a thousand other films.  1,346 more words

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The Raid 2

I loved the 2012 Indonesian action film The Raid. It was the most brilliant and inventive action film I had seen in years, and was my movie of 2012. 448 more words


The Raid 2: Berandal Review

Two years ago, Gareth Evans was a name unknown to the western hemisphere, a Welshman living in Indonesia, making low-budget films for a largely domestic audience. 652 more words


The Raid 2 review

‘The Raid 2′ is, as you might imagine, the follow up to 2011′s Indonesian language film- ‘The Raid’ from Welsh director Gareth Evans. Picking up literally minutes from the end of the first movie, The Raid 2 starts out slower than you might imagine, seemingly for purely expositional purposes, but quickly develops into a really very brutal series of action sequences strung together with an undercover ‘The Departed’-esque plot. 368 more words

'The Raid 2' annihilates the original

2012’s “The Raid: Redemption” was an exhilarating and exhausting bout of wall-to-wall, non-stop beat downs and kinetic action. A bad guy waited at the top of a giant gray apartment building, and it was up to the hero to murder everyone in his path up each floor and through each room. 502 more words


The Raid 2 (Review)

So I’m not terribly familiar with martial arts films. This is mostly because unlike in the ’70s, the genre is largely underground today, and the ’90s glut of Hong Kong action/martial arts films has ended for the most part. 785 more words

Movie Review: The Raid II: Berandal (2014) – Score: B

A sequel that takes a completely different, and much welcome, approach to the concept of a sequel, even if it is only somewhat successful in execution. 648 more words

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