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The Raid 3 may as well go the whole hog and feature an extensive battering of Michael Bay’s face, because that is essentially what’s happening with this sensational anti-Hollywood action franchise. 991 more words


The Raid 2 Is The Best Action Movie Ever Made

Let me preface this post by saying that I am aware of the existence of Die Hard, also an action masterpiece. I can quote the movie word-for-word (Oh, and the quarterback IS toast) and I watch the film every Christmas morning. 1,322 more words

The Raid: Real Action

After hearing how this movie is “the best action movie of the decade” I chose to avoid it at the cinema. After being told that “Looper” was this decade’s matrix (If any film can hold this title its Inception in my opinion) I find more and more I avoid the hype. 367 more words


Musik Scoring Itu Bukan Perkawinan Basa Basi

Sejak penemuan teknologi digital dan audio sampling, banyak film mengandalkan sampel digital untuk meniru sebuah instrumen. Meski akhirnya dramatisasi komposisi itu tetap dilakukan oleh musisi yang menggarapnya. 316 more words


The New School: The Up and Comers part 1

Old school Kung Fu movie names such as Liu Chia Liang, Bruce Lee, Gordon Liu, Ti Lung, and Lo Mang bring a sense of nostalgia and awe for old school Kung Fu movie heads. 414 more words


'The Raid 2' - Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: April 11th 2014

After the universal praise and commercial success back in 2012 with ‘The Raid’, Gareth Evans has returned with ‘THE RAID 2… 561 more words

The Raid 2

Viewed – 21 August 2014  Blu-ray

The first Raid movie was an eye-opener of an action-flick.  A raw, uncompromising and unflinching martial arts explosion in a very claustrophobic setting.  336 more words