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Stories from Mythology: Feeling bad for the bad guy

When I was contemplating the topic of today’s mythology post, a strange thought occurred to me: I sympathize with the ‘bad’ people in many of our myths. 730 more words


Mentors and masters

In the epic poem the Iliad, Odysseus was absent twenty years; first at war and then wandering on the long route home. Meanwhile his son Telemachus grew to an adulthood. 548 more words

Writer's Resource

Am I the only one feeling that there's something wrong here?

We were asked to read the part of the book of Iliad where in, king Priam ransoms the dead body of Hector from Achilles. This paragraph is confusing; 7 more words

A bit of fun: Trojan War crossword

I made this crossword a few days ago, and decided to share it with people who might enjoy it (as opposed to those who end up pretending because I stuck the crossword under their nose and excitedly asked them to do it). 23 more words

I LOVE CLASSICS: Deaths in The Iliad

This is a brilliant infographic on deaths in The Iliad and check out the responses below too. “Stay classy Achaeans”. Priceless!

View the whole infographic… 15 more words


Ancient Cuisine Philosophy For 500, Jack! The Odyssey To Yum Yum Cha To Nineveh To Cajun Country.

Why would this episode of Empires, Cannibals and Magic Fish Bones begin with Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Socrates?  Ah, just you wait–death, drink, friends, and something sacred are all in the air. 1,765 more words

Lend Me Your Earphones

I like reading. I’d like to think of myself as someone who reads a pretty decent amount. I mean not as much as I used to, but give me a good book and I plough through it fairly quickly and with lots of enthusiasm. 696 more words