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Bazookas, Black Hawks, barbecue

BILLY BOB Pickering hoisted the bazooka to his shoulder when he saw the Black Hawk helicopter heading his way.

Bubba Thornton stood at Billy Bob’s side with a Bushmaster nine-millimeter, fully automatic, the kind of peashooter that gives Nancy Pelosi the vapors and makes her want to wash the feet of illegal aliens for Easter, which she actually did do. 288 more words


DHS Pressed on Release of Criminal Illegal Aliens without Deportation

Source: Freedom Outpost, by Suzanne Hamner

If there is any doubt that our federal government is complicit is supporting criminal illegal immigrants, one only has to look at how the federal agencies are handling this individuals. 316 more words


Our Nation Of Folks

It has now been over 5 years and have you considered who these “Folks” are that our President refers to in almost every address he makes. 544 more words

Federal Government

According to Sen. Harry Reid, I'm a domestic terrorist

By Murray Montgomery
(Lone Star Diary)

Funny, I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly law-abiding fellow – but I guess not, because Sen. Harry Reid recently called me and millions of other Americans like me, “domestic terrorists.” 391 more words

Liberal US Chamber of Commerce Attacks Chris McDaniel

Though its members try to portray it as a conservative, business-friendly organization that promotes free markets and capitalism, the US Chamber of Commerce is far from it. 743 more words

US Senate Race

A Little Info for Undocumented Folks

Here at PTR we don’t judge, when you hear my story you’ll know why. I won’t tell that story today though.

For the past five years I have helped undocumented people translate immigration documents, interpret immigration laws and file specific forms with Homeland Security. 255 more words

Illegal Aliens

Obama gives $30 Million to LaRaza... The Hispanic KKK

The recipient of a $30 million grant as part of President Obama’s “promise zone” initiative is an affiliate of the radical National Council of La Raza, WND has learned. 729 more words