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Hezbollah trafficking operations in the US are I-35 and Highway 59.

• The two main north-south routes for Hezbollah trafficking operations are I-35 and Highway 59.

• US LE and Border Patrol have reported an increase in detainees with Farsi language tattoos and Hezbollah imagery on tattoos in recent years.

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Illegal Aliens

Illegal alien children at border crisis hearing complain about 'icebox' holding facility, cold sandwiches

At a hearing Tuesday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats heard from unaccompanied alien children to receive their perspective on the U.S.-Mexico border crisis. Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering was there. 322 more words

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Put Your Guest Room Where Your Mouth Is, Liberals!

Wave after wave of needy children coming to your city. They are only children, and they need to stay here until they can be properly dealt with. 123 more words

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Proposed West Texas shelter would be largest in US

CLINT — Authorities are considering a bid to build a shelter in West Texas that would be the largest in the U.S. to hold unaccompanied children who enter the country illegally. 113 more words

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Obama inviting 'invasion of murderers, gang members'

McALLEN, Texas – As the Obama administration struggles to define the current wave of unaccompanied minors as a tale of refugees escaping violence, government border officials are telling a frighteningly different story of the infiltration of criminal gang members and confessed murderers along with thousands of potential recruits. 1,386 more words

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The U.S. Is Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers

Most border crossings in Liberia, located in West Africa, have been closed and communities hit by an Ebola outbreak face quarantine to try to halt the spread of the virus. 1,319 more words