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The Price of Pirating

Can anyone really tell if you download music or movies illegally over the internet? The answer is “yes” and the consequences can be big.

In this part of the country, so far removed from the busy city-scape and clogged information super-highway of the big city, we may think we’re immune or hidden from such things. 412 more words

Cordova Telephone

New regulations about illegal downloading go into effect

TORONTO – Looking to get your hands on a digital copy of The Interview, or Fury, or Birdman before they hit store shelves? Or how about the latest episode of… 903 more words


Boomers, zoomers and late bloomers

The year 2015 will mark the end of the baby boom. According to Wikipedia, baby boomers are people born during the “demographic Post-World War II baby boom between 1946 and 1964″. 616 more words

Torrenters Have Already Downloaded 'The Interview' Over 750,000 Times

All the world is abuzz over The Interview, which is great unless you live in any part of the world that isn’t inside the United States, because that’s the only place Sony made its small theatrical release and VOD version of the film available. 184 more words

Web Culture

Will YouTube Have To Change To Suit The Needs Of The Music Industry?

After reading Mark Mulligan’s blog post about how YouTube should change to be more like a radio station, it makes me wonder, is that easier said than done? 402 more words


Is This The Death Of Piracy And The Rise Of Streaming Through Its Ashes?

After what looks like the death of Pirate Bay, EZTV and other torrent sites this month due to police raids on servers, a huge question remains on, what is the future of Piracy?   656 more words


Pirates and the Artist

Pirates and the Artist – A social commentary on pirated material

Just a few days ago the infamous site Pirate Bay was raided for the second time in eight years, according to an… 1,444 more words