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Do you download movies online? Think again ...

Many Canadians have become pros at searching, finding, watching and downloading movies online – for free. The recent court case involving TekkSavvy, an increasingly population Internet service provider, got some of their customers thinking about illegal downloading. 167 more words


Foxtel on Lannisters, Pirates and Game of Thrones

Foxtel’s head of corporate affairs, Bruce Meagher has been a busy little bee of of late.  He’s been tucked away in his neat little corner typing away an open letter to you, to me, to everyone in Australia in fact, about how disgusted he is with our incessant need to illegally download Foxtels exclusive Game of Thrones here in Australia. 324 more words


illegal downloading

When talking about illegal download, this always happen around me. People wants to get free version of music, free video, free apps, so there comes some unlocked version on the Internet. 199 more words

illegal Downloading

Recently, Many countries’ government has passed several new law for illegal downloading and the jail terms come with it. The only thing I think is that illegal downloading is not only bad thing for us but also bad for the product mader. 6 more words

Illegal Downloading: a Victimless Crime?

Intellectual property is at war right now with the digital piracy and illegal downloading.  The war pits those who create versus those who consume and right now the consumers are winning.  339 more words

Illegal Downloading

Illegal downloading is causing severe problems to victims; people who downloaded the unexpected fatal software viruses with the desired materials and the owners of the materials who got damages on profit. 312 more words


My music experience, specifically my K-Pop experience has gotten interesting. Recently I have been learning the Korean language. As I have been doing so, I have been looking up lyrics of K-Pop songs and their translations. 596 more words