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Will YouTube Have To Change To Suit The Needs Of The Music Industry?

After reading Mark Mulligan’s blog post about how YouTube should change to be more like a radio station, it makes me wonder, is that easier said than done? 402 more words

Illegal Downloading

Is This The Death Of Piracy And The Rise Of Streaming Through Its Ashes?

After what looks like the death of Pirate Bay, EZTV and other torrent sites this month due to police raids on servers, a huge question remains on, what is the future of Piracy?   656 more words

Illegal Downloading

Pirates and the Artist

Pirates and the Artist – A social commentary on pirated material

Just a few days ago the infamous site Pirate Bay was raided for the second time in eight years, according to an… 1,444 more words


The Effect of Technology on the Music Industry

Music has been an essential part of human culture as an art, source of entertainment, and a way for those talented at the performing arts to make a living. 799 more words

The New Age of Music

Here’s another paper I wrote for my English class. This one being related to things I talk about on here, music downloading and illegal music pirating. 1,249 more words


"It takes like pop and rap to keep these labels going because those are the only people that are buying records anymore."

I have already written about this on my personal Facebook page, but I’m going to bring it up here as well, but more evolved.

The quote in the title is a quote by no other than… 639 more words

Ethics in a Digital World

Have you ever downloaded music or a movie online illegally? When I was in high school, this was extremely popular and my friends would make fun of me for paying 99 cents on iTunes for the new Britney Spears song. 259 more words