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Speculating: Closure of Shitholes in our Neighborhood.

First things first: I think we are all pretty happy to see Mr. Avalos oversee the successful closure of some of the dumpy ass businesses in our neighborhood–namely the gambling places. 363 more words

Mayor of China’s "Sin City" Dongguan says amount of sex was "a surprise" before “purification” campaign

China: Many residents of Dongguan, known for prostitution, narcotics and illegal gambling, have ridiculed their mayor for his ignorance and worry a vice police crackdown will hit their wallets … 404 more words

Flavor Saver and Other News

-It looks like Peyton Manning went down there, and came back with it(sportressofblogitude.com)

-CB Cortland Finnegan broke up with the St. Louis Rams on Twitter( 50 more words

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