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Ranchers On the Border Get the Government Shaft

by Al Benson Jr.

I realize that, by now, most folks are getting weary of hearing about the situation on the border, but some things need to be stressed, lest we forget that the border situation is one way our own government (and I’m not really sure it’s ours) has declared war on its own people. 1,058 more words

The Obama Regime

Children Crossing Border: 'Obama Will Take Care of Us'

Children Crossing Border: ‘Obama Will Take Care of Us’

This one speaks for itself.  They’re just coming here for the entitlements, or the perception of getting those freebies.  140 more words

YES! France offers asylum to Iraqi Christians being persecuted and threatened with death in Mosul via BNI

In B. Hussein Obama’s mind there is no room for persecuted Christians threatened with death by his brothers. We have to make room for illegals from Mexico and Central America not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Muslim’s he wants to bring in. 267 more words

President Obama