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The Zip Bomb

Earlier in 2000, a hacker found a creative way to crash computers. Extremely genius, if you think about it.

The ‘Zip Bomb’ is originally a file called 42.zip. 382 more words


Illegal Immigration – Why is it such a big deal?

Illegal immigration is a big deal ALL OVER THE WORLD! The only reason people love to point at America on it is because of our history, how this nation was formed, and our willingness to trumpet a banner of “freedom.” Those reasons make us a target when it comes to dealing with the subject, but how fair is that really? 752 more words


Communist Party USA Praises Obama for Violating the Constitution on Amnesty

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

The fools depicted below left, are not smart enough to change the name of their organization. 289 more words


Canada Considers Fence On Southern Border To Stem Wave Of Illegal Immigration

Mexico allows Central and South American immigrants to pass through her borders on 72 hour visas, and most of those people are headed for the porous southern border of the US. 691 more words


"What kind of content must be prohibited in ads networks and why?" - Short essay

Well, I was meant to write about something else, but when this essay topic came as a test for the position Moderator in Coccoc Search Engine – a cool sear engine tool specialised for Vietnamese users, I had to concentrated on writing about it. 1,357 more words


The immigrants are people too

I almost titled this “Why Obama’s Immigration Thoughts Are Okay (& Why They’re Not),” but honestly, who wants to read another political blog?

We’re all perfectly capable of googling what he said about new policies and executive action and some government jargon I’m a little unsure about. 647 more words