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Motivation is the key... Sleep time.

Sunday’s generally seen as the day of rest and relaxation, not for me though, oh no. For me everyday seems to be a day of resting and not so much relaxation. 576 more words

11 scary statistics about stress and what to do about it

I came across this infographic made by Officevibe and I suggest that you take a look at it.

This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the… 19 more words

Hercules Academy

Crying over Nothing...Except Everything

“Jesus, I’m scared to shower again and have more hair fall out,” I prayed in my mind while I blinked back tears. Showers are always the worst- I lose hair by the handfuls. 409 more words

Casey Walker

My Mission

As I was sitting in my living room, my body slowly started ceasing up. Not in any sort of pain but in a cloudiness of my own thoughts. 505 more words


Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease - Our Experience

As a parent to a toddler I have experienced my fair share of illnesses, everything from the common cold to pink eye and OFTEN.  It seems like Asher gets sick every other month or so and the next thing I know he has a snot river running down his face.   725 more words

My Life

Chapter 17

I’m officially an idiot! I wrote this post 2 weeks ago BUT then forgot to press *publish*. So here it is. A little late, but still relevant. 627 more words


The Story.

So I’ve been having problems for years. Mostly issues with confidence and self esteem. After my last break-up I had to take things day by day. 625 more words