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Who are your parents? Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, Day 5

Who are your parents to you? Mine are amazing, wonderful, supportive and just all around great people. Well, that’s coming from their favorite daughter, A.K.A. their only daughter. 743 more words


I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels this way but I sometimes, ok majority of the time, feel like I’m a bad Christian. 185 more words


Causality and Reincarnation

Most people know what is right and what is wrong. Many people want to be good, but being good is difficult to obtain. If there were no inconveniences, temptations or suffering after our resolve to take the high road, it would be easy to accomplish our goal of being good. 370 more words



Sitting, listening – to the beeps and blips of the monitors. I’ve become used to the sounds now. I know which infringement brings which alarm. Which buttons stop the sounds. 116 more words


Blue Dove

On my grave stone it will read ‘Gabriella Martinez’; but he called me Ella.

I saw him first through the iron bars, his face skipping from one gap to the next like reflections over wave crests. 587 more words

Short Story

Non-Profit Joins Fight Against Ebola Outbreak, Sends Supplies

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A Dallas-based charity will send medical supplies to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak.

Next week volunteers with Medisend International will pack up and send thousands of boxes of the following basic safety items via six massive ocean containers: 216 more words


One More Update

Dear Friends,

Recently there have been a lot of questions in the community about what has happened to me and where I am with things. I am now very near the end of life, and writing posts has become next to impossible, but I wanted to try to get one more out. 1,030 more words

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Brooke has managed another blog post, I am pleased to announce. It is an update of her journey towards her death from M.E. - myalgic encephalomyelitis. She also talks about "Canary in a Coal Mine," which is a movie in production about M.E., produced by Jennifer Brea (also an M.E. patient) and others, to show the world what a terrible disease it is. Brooke has been asked to tell her story for the movie, and filming has already begun on that. This is indeed, an extremely courageous young woman.