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5 Misconceptions About Depression

#5. Depressed People Are Constantly Miserable and Alone

Despite what we see in pop culture, depression is not a constant parade of doom and despair. 1,725 more words


I Need To Talk.

[ I sent out these words to my family (and closest friends) today. (Minor privacy edits). Taking one step forward, out of the shadows. ] 762 more words


One for the money, two for the show

I think I may have finally recovered from our super eventful Monday.

Ella and I spent the day together at Sick Kids visiting the orthopaedic surgeon and getting a hip ultrasound. 228 more words


A Mom's Illness

I’ve been trying to decide how to start this blog, and after getting over a recent cold, have found some inspiration. I’ve realized how terrible it is to be a mom who is sick. 203 more words



I am in a terrible mood. My head has been lurking in the 3-4 range for days, not enough to even lie down with, but enough to hurt. 161 more words

Chronic Migraine

So Far, So...

I wrote this post a while ago, introducing the fact that my dad has Parkinson’s. At that time, it had been slow going. A few dizzy spells, a little confusion, tripping up the steps every once in a blue moon. 565 more words


Motivation is the key... Sleep time.

Sunday’s generally seen as the day of rest and relaxation, not for me though, oh no. For me everyday seems to be a day of resting and not so much relaxation. 576 more words