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Throwing the Gauntlet

By: Connor Lenahan

Last night while poking around the internet I came across an article from Complex magazine. The very idea that had been raised in the title of the article was unreal. 313 more words


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Over Three Million Search Google For “Blood Moon” Insight

by Tom Olago

Curious about the blood moon last night? You were not alone.
Over 3 million people have searched the term “blood moon” in the past 24hrs according to Google keyword impressions. 8,691 more words


Soft Ground Etching Intaglio Print.



A Weird Black Ring Appeared in the Sky in England and Then Disappeared [video]

There certainly are bizarre things going on these days. Perhaps this is a sign for only those who would understand it, and if so—they know EXACTLY what it means. 205 more words


Beyonce is said to be an illuminati queen?
The eye of horess is said to be prominent?
Mary Mary has been accussed of partnering with illuminati members?