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The Occult Message of the Denver International Airport (10:54)

A great overview of the conspiracy theory surrounding the Denver Airport. Even the harden cynics are left bewildered by the blatant message. They are planning our extermination.

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F*ck this shit.

I’m so done with this soft-pornification that’s happening to kpop. I’m never going to buy anything from companies that produces SHIT LIKE THIS. And I don’t like to mention Illuminati because people tend to think I’m crazy if I do, so I won’t. 142 more words



-Ha tudod, mit kell látni, ott is felfedezed, ahol nincs jelen.

-Ha nem tudod, mit kell látni, akkor sem veszed észre, ha kiüti a szemed.

Ukrainian's Heel

In the 2012 UN’s GDP estimates, Ukraine’s economy was ranked 52th in the world, with the total nominal GDP of USD$188 billion, and nominal per capita GDP of USD$3,900 . 1,164 more words


"Romanism" Secret Society Influence in Our World Pervades All Layers of Society

The Roman Empire never ended. The “white pope” is the pontifex maximus, or the emperor of Rome. Read more about who runs the world below: 6 more words

Liars In Power

The Conumdrum

The Conumdrum.

That’s right, central banks are central to the entire issue of freedom and lasting change. Private individuals behind the central bank are the one’s who leech the lifeblood from the system: 59 more words


Vladimir Putin (BRICS) opposes the VAMPYRIC Zionist New World Order


IS GOING ON.??????????



In light of recent events an alternative and objective summary to the worlds current conflict status and a window into our global future is presented in these two recent videos. 994 more words