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How much you wanna bet...

…the verdict of the Grand Jury in Ferguson last night was released at 9:11 PM?
We know it was shortly after 9 PM last night, that they released the verdict, but no exact time yet. 18 more words

From the Vault: The Real CEO Letters

From time to time we receive missives of particular interest in our unencrypted public email or our Contact Form. We’d like to share one with you now. 4,458 more words


Ancient Egyptian spell book deciphered by Macquarie University

WANT to win a heart? Got a ghost to get rid of? What about a persistent infection? A recently deciphered ancient Egyptian codex has a spell for that. 25 more words


A Little Something About Nothing

Leibniz posed the question: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” Heidegger declared this to be the deepest and most far-reaching question of all. William James referred to it as the “darkest question in all philosophy.” 902 more words

Esoteric Knowledge

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