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Illuminati Bombshell Hits in November?! Must See Video!

Starting with Wall Street to the corridors of Capitol Hill events in history have been secretly planned by a secretive few. This society has been hidden within the shadows, pulling the strings of power in the financial market to devour us with their grasp on money. 429 more words


I had Dream and wrote this poem. (See the inspiration behind it below)

(See the photos to illustrate the poem)

1John 3:8
He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. 300 more words

The Case Against General Michael Aquino – Satanic Pedophile


by Anthony Forwood

For those who don’t know, Michael Aquino was a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990, when he was involuntarily discharged as a result of investigations into his involvement in the ritual sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Day Care Center in San Francisco. 480 more words


The NY "Axe Jihad" Man - The Truth Revealed?

Continuing the “lone-wolf Jihad” theme for false-flag terrorism, the “Axe Jihad” Man supposedly skulks up on police brandishing an axe, and kills one. Sound plausible? Even POSSIBLE? 43 more words

Max Malone

False Flag? WA School Shooting During Drill and Right Before Gun Control Vote

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how a few elite billionaires including Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates have spent some $8 million to make sure Washington’s controversial gun control bill, Initiative 594, will appear on the state’s November ballot and that voters will be flooded with anti-gun propaganda in the lead up. 151 more words

Max Malone

Illuminati Symbolism In Movies (NEW VERSION - MUST SEE ALL OF VIDEO!) - High Definition

THANKS YOUTUBE FOR REMOVING THIS VIDEO FROM THE MOST VIEWED PAGE IN EDUCATION. 2009.06.09 ————— #29 – Most Discussed (This Month) – Education #11 -…
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